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February 1998

Now Down

Sailor World

Review of winner for February 1998

March 1998

Now Down
Update: Has been replaced by a very well designed Frank Sinatra site? O_o

Rachel's Sailor Moon Garden

Review of winner for March 1998

April 1998

Now Down

Welcome to my Sailor Scout homepage

Review of winner for April 1998

May 1998

Now Down
It's still there, but there is nothing to see and it has been that way for a long while.

Mako-chan's Sailor Moon Domain

Review of winner for May 1998

June 1998

Now Down

BiShOuJo SeNsHi sAiLoRmOon

Review of winner for June 1998

July 1998

Now Down
Well make that half down... This guy at first had two sites, but one has now become a R-rated Sailor Moon Pic site. That address we have removed completely. However, the address below still exists.

Sailor 1357's Sailor Moon Homepage

Review of winner for July 1998

September 1998

Now Down
Has cleared up just about all the ripping off of others, and has fixed the technical problems with the site.

Palace of Silence

Review of winner for September 1998

November 1998

Now Down

The REAL history of the Sailor Starlights

Review of winner for November 1998

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