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January 1999

Now Down

Sailor Nomad's Sailor Moon Gallery

Review of winner for January 1999

February 1999

Now Down

The TV Series that changes its name.

Review of winner for February 1999

April 1999

Now Down

JAmesw's Flower Squad Place

Review of winner for April 1999

May 1999

Now Down

JupiterPrincess84's Sailor Moon Web-Site and Club

Review of winner for May 1999

July 1999

Now Down

Sailor Doom's SMoon Gattaca

Review of winner for July 1999

October 1999

Shy Queen of the Sky: Haruka

Review of winner for October 1999

December 1999

Still has a lot of kinks to work out, but has taken steps to improve most of what we commented on in our review.

Sailor Moon S English Campaign

Review of winner for December 1999

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