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  July 1998

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Sailor 1357's Sailor Moon Homepage

Here's Why:

  • Not just thief, but a fraud too!

Positives About The Page:

  • Hmm hard to find any... how about...
  • The profiles are ok, but not his.
  • The interviews are ok, but not his.
   Nominated by: Lita



"to be a sailor scout you must know the sailor scouts..."
It seems too many people think to be a Sailor Moon fan you must steal from other pages! Before I say anything else, dump the background! You can't read a thing once it loads.
He has a sailor moon store, Ummm that would be Ai no Senshi which is Sailor Moon Universe's store. The profiles are links to someone else's site ( and no credit is given to that person. The real audio files, mp3s, movies etc... all direct linked and most don't work now. Gee, I wonder if the awards have been stolen!
The fun doesn't stop here! This guy has a second site at: which we just had to include because of the crap we found there!
The second site centers around two interviews, a villains page, and stats on Naoko Takeuchi.
First let's deal with the Terri Hawkes interview. I look at this and ask, "how did this guy get a personal interview with Terri Hawkes?" (Voice of Serena in NA SM) On a hunch I check the only other place I know of a Terri Hawkes interview, the YTV website. What do you know! It's the same interview! SUPRISE! Did he think he could steal an interview that was shown nationally on TV in Canada seen by possibly millions?
Now for the Naoko Takeuchi interview. I have a feeling this interview is also stolen or is a total fraud. My evidence to support this is as follows: first the interview starts a lot like the Terri Hawkes one which we already know is stolen, second it uses a lot of info from the Stats page which is also on this site, and third Sailor123456789(whatever) has a tendency to forget where the 'shift' key is, writing everything in lower case. The stats page uses capital letters which leads me to believe it was stolen. My conclusion: fraud!
I like to close this review with something we rarely suggest. Normally we like for people to read their reviews, be tough, and try and improve their pages rather than take them down to run and hide. However, this guy faked two interviews about two real people, and one of those were stolen from YTV, a real company. Real companies and real people with real lawyers... if they found this page... run Sailor 1357... run and hide...


Kasumi said it best: 'Oh, oh my!' Where to begin without sounding like I'm beating the same drum..? How about the 'interview' with Naoko Takeuchi? I would just like to point out that she does not speak English fluently (not that the English in the 'interview' was all that great to begin with). From the sound of it, he's some major part of the whole Sailor Moon to North America transition that we've never heard of. If he was such a big part of it all, or such a good friend of Naoko, how come SOS hasn't tackled him in their efforts to bring more Sailor Moon to North America? If you couldn't tell, this is the part of the site that erked me the most. There are plenty of other things to go off about, but those points have been covered already.


Links to other people's profiles without giving any credit to the original page. Actually, most of everything he has on his page is direct linked to another page- all of the music, movies, lyrics, store, et cetera, there's probably a total of ten to fifteen sites he rips off of. The picture areas are laughable- all the ones in Tokyo/Bay/ are broken pics. On Tokyo/Island, we get even better info. He says that Takeuchi is his close friend? Whatever. The interviews with Takeuchi and Hawkes are big rip-offs of real interviews that are copyrighted, he just replaces the interviewer's name with his own; he even claims that he's the one who got Sailor Moon on the air or something. Oh yes, his little disclaimers- All rights reserved and give him credit for taking his pics? He steals everything- pictures, backgrounds, interviews, everything.


I think someone here is living in a dreamworld, well this is your wake-up call!
This page has a disclaimer on it telling people not to steal stuff? Does he think that will cover up the fact he has stolen just about EVERYTHING on this site? I mean if he has permission to link those profiles then all he needs to do to stay out of trouble is to properly credit the person who really created of those HTMLs. But to rip off interviews that real people did and change the interviewer's name to his own? Sorry, you can not do that, it's stealing, it's forgery and it's a con. It's all fine and good to pretend in your own little head that you interviewed those people, but to tell people over the whole world that you did, when you didn't? Remember everyone that knows how to connect up to the internet on this planet we call Earth can now view your little fantasy.
At least now they will know for sure that is exactally what it is, a fake little fantasy.

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