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  September 1999

Palace of Silence

Here's Why:

  • Way too much stuff taken without any credit.

Positives About The Page:

  • Nice Layout and graphics.
   Nominated by: Peruru no Miko



Here we have a very odd case. At first when you visit this site you have to ask, is this a really bad page? I mean it loads OK, the layouts work fine, and the graphics are clean and fairly high quality looking. However, this site fits an unofficial rule we all use when looking at pages: "Don't always trust your eyes."
What appears as the easiest way to get around the page, the dropbox, doesn't work in either IE4 or Netscape 4. However, that's no biggie as the text links on the bottom of the page work perfectly fine.
The big problem here is the robbing and pillaging of various other Saturn sites around the web. I won't try to get into the stuff on the quote and manga pages as Ves deals with that quite nicely in her review, however there is plenty more where that came from.
Check out the sounds page. The files on it seem to come from, complete with the exact same translations of what Saturn is saying on each clip and the exact same file names.
By the way, after finding all of the things this person stole I checked out her credits page just to see if she did ask for any of this material or at least says she did borrow it from people. What did I get? Nothing, of course, zero, zip, nada. The credits page is only a list of her friends that either helped her with the page or are just there because they are a friend. This thing reads more like an "Academy Awards Thank You Speech" rather than something thanking the people who she took material from. While it's nice to mention your friends, don't you think you should also say something about all those people that saved you hundreds of hours of work when you ripped off the stuff they worked so hard on?


The first thing I encountered when trying to look at this page is the fact that the Javascript drop box didn't work. Not one to let little things like that discourage me, I looked at the source code to find the locations. It was then that I discovered that I shouldn't have bothered because I'd seen it already. Yes, this site features the ever-aggravating plundering of other pages.
May I present to you case number 1: the Quote pages. from the Palace of Silence and from s i l e n c e. Admittedly, they aren't in the same order, but if you're going to copy, could you at least go to the bother of correcting punctuation mistakes? Or perhaps changing the style a little bit?
s i l e n c e gets poached again when it comes to the manga description of Hotaru. While the wording is not an exact copy, it's easy to see that the one here is nothing more then a rewriting of the original. (Much like copying/rewriting out of a book and turning that in for a school project). >From s i l e n c e: Much to Hotaru's surprise, Chibi-usa appears at her house one day. Chibi-usa comments how romantic Hotaru's room looks with all her lamps, to which Hotaru replies, "I prefer obscurity". Compared to: Much to Hotaru's surprise, Chibi-usa appears at her house one day. Chibi-usa comments how romantic Hotaru's room looks with all her lamps, to which Hotaru replies, "I prefer obscurity". (My favorite line!! ^_^) Someone else's, as well, it would seem... If a school teacher were to be confronted with this, the student would surely be reprimanded!


The low loading page was actually pretty nice looking- the other selection was absolutely horrid, at least on my browser. The background was all blank, nothing fit together, and worst yet, the drop box was malfunctioning. Like Ves, I went to the source code, which was ever so fun. Better yet, it was even more fun to constantly switch back and forth between the source code, the browser, and another open browser so that I could compare the theft. Not only are introduction, quotes, and profiles stolen from other places, so are the movie sound files with the same exact file names and the same exact descriptions. It makes you wonder how much of a Saturn fan this girl really is; seriously, all she bothered to do was give us a bunch of stolen material arranged on shoddily made pages (again, only her low loading page looked any good). That's devotion for ya.

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