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  May 1998

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Mako-chan's Sailor Moon Domain

Here's Why:

  • Direct Linked, huge pics. Many not stolen, but some are very questionable.
  • Poor layouts
  • Unoriginal Info, which makes it not worth the time with all the problems and loading.

Positives About The Page:

  • Some parts look nice, even if the pics aren't actually their's.
   Nominated by: Mara K.



Ok, at first I thought this might be an ok page...BUT!
This page's main.html has nice graphics. (Despite being possibly stolen and all direct linked to somewhere else.) It, however, sucks in 640 resolution and it doesn't work in 1024 res either. To tell you the truth, it doesn't work well in 800! OY! This is due to the usual problem that happens when you use little side bars on your backgrounds. The text runs into the graphics on the side where it becomes unreadable. The page makers need to set up their tables a lot better to fix this problem. Use table width="600" instead of 100% for use with these backgrounds. Some transparent gifs or space tags will be needed to help as well. Also, the main.html works fine, but the index.html doesn't work at all in Netscape.
Next, I looked at the graphics. Upon checking the page's source, which I always do now, I found not one, not two, but all of the pics, including the background, are direct linked from other sites! I looked into it a little deeper and found some are from "free the images" sites which are fine to take from. Some of the others are image galleries which give out backrounds and various other graphics. Those are all fine too. However, you still shouldn't direct link them! People can always take pics down, change their names, move their site, etc. which leads to a page having a hundred broken pics!
Some of the pics may still be stolen. Mara actually nominated this page for its manga image gallery. ( You may reconize the image map that loads. This is stolen right off the index on Sailor Grub's Image Gallery page! ( There is a credit to Grub on her credits page, but no link to be found to that site. A credit is not complete without a link! Plus, I doubt Grub gave someone permission to rip off half her the index page!
As for the rest of the page, well, it's bogged down with huge pics all over the place.
Loading, loading, loading, lalala [Waits for info pages to load]
The info is the same old, unoriginal "doll box stats" accompanied by huge direct linked pics, that take forever to load, with more poor layouts thrown in. One thing that will help you right away. Don't have info on two characters side by side on the same page. Have only one page for each! Tripod gives out 11MB now, you have more than enough space for the extra HTMLs!

Foot Note: I have since consulted with Grub and found out that "Mako-chan" has been asked once already to remove the pics from her page. Seeing as they were direct linked, Grub went and changed the names of the files to remove them herself. However, Mako-chan went back and learned the new names of the pics and stole them again!


This page grates all around. More stolen images then I can shake a stick at. The information isn't any more than the usual stats that are laid out in one large paragraph. The page had crashed my Netscape twice before I got it to load using IE (which, thankfully, loads the page first and then the images). What else can I say? This bites.


This is one of those annoying pages that sort of freezes on me because it takes so darn long to load up. You think the problem would be solved if everything wasn't linked from a geocities site? Maybe. There are too many of them anyway, some of them are broken too. The manga season summaries are full of large images and unreadable text, and from the looks of it, copied from some other place too and modified. The manga galleries? Want to know a secret? Not only does this girl rip off Grub, she rips off of the Sailor Senshi's manga page too, plus God knows how many other manga pages. There are about a zillion pics on each gallery page as well, all full sized. Character pages- blah. Bad, trashy info; too many pics, and a whole lot of crap. I didn't bother sticking around after that because I don't have that much cache space.


Somewhat confusing layout, but yet again I'm not going to get into that! Let's get to the information! OK, these profiles are hard to read! Bad backgrounds! I have to highlight over them to make anything out of it. Now that I can actually see the words it's the same old usual stats but in one long paragraph with no breaks no punctuation and sometimesnospaces like this sentence. Hard to read, ne? ;)
There are pics everywhere, direct linked, causing slow downloading. Add the same old info you can find just about anywhere, but on in much better layout. You get a page which is just about a complete waste of time.

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