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  March 1998

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Rachel's Sailor Moon Garden

Here's Why:

  • Talk about ripping other people off!?
  • Icky Java Script asking for your name all the time
  • Several Layout Problems

Positives About The Page:

  • Tries to give credit to people, but takes things she was asked not to take, plus didn't ask permission.
   Nominated by: Mistress98


Hmmm... The Sailor Moon Garden? [CereCere powers up the old Lawn Mover] Ok, baby, let's cut some flowers. [evil grin]
First problem I had with this page was trying to figure out how to get into it. It has the choice between frames and non-frames, which at first I thought you choose using an image map that didn't work. However, you have to use the two text links on either side of the pic which are not to easy to find right away. To make them easier to find, move them below the pic so they stand out more. Golly gee, don't you hate pages with the annoying "please enter your name" Java thingy that pops up over and over and over?
Now let's take a look at the content. Wow, I'm going to need the chainsaw, not the lawnmover. There are several broken links, why? Because just about all the pics are directly linked to other pages! That is a big no no. Sure, you want to save space and time with uploading to FTP, but when someone removes a pic from their site, it ends up broken on yours. Not to mention the fact you're stealing their material! She even takes the animated logo from the Everchanging Sailor Moon Gateway, which says directly below it, "DO NOT TAKE." Now, for the real shocker, she steals from us! Her Amazon Garden is taken right from our own Dead Moon Circus Page, chopped up, refried and served up in a mess. Here's the other reason why you shouldn't direct link pics, do you know what I could do to that page right now? However, I won't because I'm not that spiteful.
Let me quickly take this space to inform people of our policies on taking material from our page. 1) Ask us first, just don't take and ask questions later. 2) If you manage to get permission, you should credit us AND provide a link to our page. All pics on this page were nicely donated and then edited so they are unique to our page. Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled program...


Another page that insists on putting a zillion things on the main page to clutter it. We've got rings, searches, banners, and a really odd looking background image. If I have to 'Enter my name' and be welcomed again, I'm going to scream. Doing so once is cute, but having to do it everytime you return to the main page bites. There are several broken picture links. I'm also wondering about about why the info on just about every page is credited to someone else. It's okay to refer to other sources, but this page doesn't seem more than to be a collection of other people's works. Why not just go to the original source and skip this step? Bah, forget it! I'm not entering my name again. On to the next page.


On the index page, this looks okay, decent, if you can forget about how oddly the links are placed. Trusted myself to go to the nonframes page. I made the mistake of at first not entering some loser name for the Java script; that turned out to be a big mistake, folks. When you know you're at some loser page, always go along with the Java, or you'll end up like me- getting a big fat Java error and having to reset my computer. Living with that mistake, I continued to put rather ridiculous names in every time the damn message showed up whenever I reentered the main page...
Let's continue- it takes about five million year to load up the page, which is crammed with junk and lovely stuff. I played a little game with this: How many sources can I find that this girl linked directly to? I counted approximately 25, [can you find more?] including several of our honorable mentions and our own page. Ironic: "all images inhanced by me so don't take any!" Um... Like, what the hell was enhanced by her? She LINKS directly to all her pics! The interviews and information were all stolen from other sites, a million graphics taken, bad information to boot [Erios?], mixing NA SM with Japanese SM.
HTML WRITERS GUILD? She's part of that? I thought you had to be... oh, I don't know, DECENT at htmling to even think of joining a group like that. She doesn't even link to half the pages she steals from, the ultimate insult.

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