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February 2000

Update: has added a large disclaimer explaining how their page is laid out, and how they got their information. This is a nice improvement to show their site doesn't contain generally accepted information. That being said, the info is still extremely screwy, plus the subpages are still hard to read. We just can't bring ourselves to give this site an "Improved" marking.

Triad of the Moon Presents: A Sailor Moon Page

Review of winner for February 2000

April 2000

The Sailor Moon Zone!

Review of winner for April 2000

May 2000

Now Down
Well not really down, but has moved, and most of what we talked about in the review has been removed and completely new sections have sprung up in their place.

Silent Star

Review of winner for May 2000

July 2000

Now Down
Was taken down less than 24 hours after we reviewed it and was replaced with some kind of story that the site was hacked. Now whether or not you believe the site was really hacked is up to you, but I wonder how the original owner got back in after the hack to post those messages?

The Sailor Venus Gallery

Review of winner for July 2000

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