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  February 1998

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Sailor World

Here's Why:

  • Long load up time
  • Causes crashes
  • Same old stuff found anywhere
  • Bad layout

Positives About The Page:

  • Would you believe cookie recipes???
   Nominated by: Chibi Valeri



WHOA! Talk about your big pics! Ok number one, reduce the size of them, and also offer a choice between a graphic and a text index. Way too much use of the h2 tag in the info sections as well. So, number two, get rid of them, and reduce the sizes a bit! Over all a lot of bad formatting, and yet she tries to give advice on how to make htmls! As for the info, she falls victim to the old Dic and Japanese mixing routine at times, plus is not always clear about what she's talking about. Also, having the info in one big long paragraph isn't a good idea either. Try to space it out more.
But you know, I would like to try one of those cookie recipes...


I would advise to only try loading this page if you have images off or a T1 connection. My first attempt crashed after 8 minutes, my second after 9 minutes, and my third was without images. Once you have gotten over the hurdle of the main page, there isn't enough to justify the frustration and effort. The page with Senshi discriptions is vague, inaccurate, and mixes terms. I was under the impression that a fanfic page should have fanfics on it, this one only has 5 pictures of characters from some fic that isn't on the fics page. The only thing that I hadn't seen somewhere else before was the Mako-chan recipes. I thought it a bit of irony that the author has a page on how to write HTML. I don't doubt they know some, but layout is a major factor that this page is lacking. I go by the standard that a page should load in 30 seconds. They are way off the mark in that area.


Took to long to load for my modem.


Forget this!!! This page is too slow, I'm out of here!

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