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April 2000

Old Reviews for April 2000

Now Down
Poison Ivy
Creator: Shampoo
General Info: A shrine to Tellu, the green, two ep witch.

Fire Flower
Creator: chun li
General Info: A Kakyuu shrine with a ton of information.

May 2000

Old Reviews for May 2000

Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium
Creator: Gina Maglio
General Info: A large, unique "tour themed" combo site

May 2001

Old Reviews for May 2001

Sea Sky, Wind Water
Creator: Jackie Chiang
General Info: An extensive Haruka and Michiru shrine.

July 2001

Old Reviews for July 2001

Creator: Chibi-Haruka
General Info: A shrine to Zircon. Wait a sec.. Zircon?! The eyeball with wings?! whoa.

October 2001

Old Reviews for October 2001

In Defense of SuperS
Creator: The Lizzard
General Info: A site which defends the SuperS season against those who say it's only a bit of fluff. Lots of info on SuperS and the Dream manga, plus an interactive section where you can rant on the subject.

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