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In Defense of SuperS
Creator: The Lizzard
General Info: A site which defends the SuperS season against those who say it's only a bit of fluff. Lots of info on SuperS and the Dream manga, plus an interactive section where you can rant on the subject.
Nominated By: Mei Hanaiki

We featured this site originally in our Lemures Files a few years back. At that time, it was just one article, defending SuperS as a good season rather than trash, as a lot of people seem to make it out to be. It had a unique idea: not only was there an article but also a submission form so you could voice your own opinions to the author about the season.
Since then, "In Defense of SuperS" has grown to cover not only the anime, but manga and musicals related to SuperS/Dream as well. The articles not only support why the season should not be considered bad, but it also is full of information on the season. The information is often better than any other site that covers SuperS. The information on the Sera-Myu musicals Yume Senshi, Ai Eien Ni and Yume Senshi, Ai Eien Ni, Saturn Fukkatsu Hen is great, with not only a review article but a summary of both.
It also has a ton of images, video clips (including the infamous "Saban Video"), and audio samples from the anime, CDs, and the Sera-Myu musicals. Oh, speaking of the "Saban Video", check out the images that accompany the articles. Each have comical comments not just below the images, but even funnier ones hidden away in the alt tags. It all helps to keep the site that much more entertaining. Finally there's the Debate section where arguments about SuperS and other related comments are posted.
The layout of Defense is clean, easy to read, with lots of sooooooooothing blue. Well, okay, maybe I'm going too far and all this work on the site is just making me loopy, but I just like it a lot!
To sum up, the next time you run into someone who dismisses the SuperS season as crap, send them to Defense and see what happens.


Itís so refreshing to read a website that voices well thought out opinions. And not just well thought out, but well defended and reasonably presented. This isnít some ďSuperS is better because I said soĒ hack job. The points made are well taken and have caused me to reconsider my own views of the SuperS season (always a fan of the manga and musicals, but not so much the anime).
The siteís layout is clean and very easy to get around. Commentary insets sprinkle the articles to break up the reading (a technique used by other media outlets). The insets also have some neat content such as the LD covers and samples of the songs from the musicals.
I also have to give kudos are the debate page. Creating one is like opening a Pandoraís Box of potential problems and flame wars. I didnít read every message in there (60 some odd of them), but the ones I did read were like the rest of the site, well thought out responses to the emails sent. Again, itís refreshing to see something like this done in a mature and intelligent way.


"In Defense of SuperS" is everything a quality site should be.
There are tons of well-thought opinions and information from the owner as to why "SuperS" isn't as innocent, cute, and fluffy as you may have thought it to be. Besides the much debated anime, the owner also addresses the manga and the musical versions of SuperS, and in these areas she includes more opinions and more information. The summary of the musicals is also a nice touch since the musicals aren't widely available and are unsubbed. The owner also includes funny snapshots dispersed throughout her articles. Each section has links to relevant multimedia, and all the multimedia can be found in its own section, as well.
Even if the opinions don't convince you that SuperS isn't as bad as you thought, the media may definitely sway you a bit. There are LD covers, MP3 samples, movie clips, images, and more for you to enjoy. Besides, if you still disagree with the site, you can read through the debates the owner has had with other people about SuperS or submit your own points.
As for the layout, it's not only lovely, it's also easy to navigate. What I like is that the unity of the site is preserved throughout. The same template is found on each page with slightly different images for each section.


People often wonder how they can create an original site, when all the information that can possibly be compiled on Sailormoon seems to already be available on the net. Many, in their quest for originality, build shrines to minor characters, and far from me is the thought of speaking against those: many such shrines are very good.
"In Defense of SuperS" takes another approach: not only is the subject original, the content is completely original as well. "In Defense of SuperS" is an essay on the good and the bad aspects of the fourth season of Sailor Moon, the Dream Arc of the manga, and the SuperS musicals.
This unique format makes the site very interesting to read, and you may even learn a thing or two, especially if you've never dared to read the fourth part of the manga because you figured it could only be bad.
And for all of you who like a bit of eye (and ear) candy (who doesn't?), the layout is beautiful and many pictures and multimedia files are available for you to enjoy. To sum it up, In Defense of SuperS is a great site, worth your visit if you like SuperS and even more worth it if you don't.

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