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January 1999

Old Reviews for January 1999

Now Down
Yay Bubble!: Sailormoon Fan Art
Creator: Simon Chong
General Info: An excellent Sailormoon Fan-Art Tutoring Site

Ai wa Energy
Creator: Sailor Callisto
General Info: A Sailormoon / Usagi Shrine

Now Down
Focus: Yuuichirou & Rei
Creator: Sarah-neko
General Info: A Page Dedicated to Yuuichirou & Rei. Were you expecting it was about someone else?

Now Down
Neptune's Palace: Soldier of the Abyss
Creator: Michiru Kaioh
General Info: A Sailor Neptune / Michiru Shrine

February 1999

Old Reviews for February 1999

Now Down
Coki's Sailormoon Square
Creator: Coki
General Info: An excellent combo page for information, pictures, and a good laugh.

April 1999

Old Reviews for April '99

Now Down
Sun Spots
Creator: Jupe
General Info: A site that centers around a lovely collection of shrines, including ones to Tellu, Saturn, and Iron Mouse. Update: Only the Shrines to Saturn and Tellu still remain online, the rest of the site has been closed.

Now Down
Planet Mermaid
Creator: Sailorcaeli
General Info: Shrine to Aluminum Siren!

May 1999

Old Reviews for May 1999

The Moon Garden
Creator: Ilsevet
General Info: A combo information site, centering on the manga version of SM.
Creator: Keiichi
General Info: Combo Site with lots of information, presented in many unique ways

Team Venus
Creator: Mara K.
General Info: SM Webpage graphics

July 1999

Old Reviews for July 1999

Icesenshi's Lake of Illusions
Creator: Bowaggi
General Info: A big ol' Sailormercury shrine

October 1999

Old Reviews for October 1999

Krazy Kitty
Creator: Ann
General Info: A very complete Tin Nyanko Shrine. Includes info, downloads and fun!

Creator: Skeeter
General Info: An excellent Sailorpluto shrine

Now Down
Troublemakers and all Things Naughty
Creator: Emrys
General Info: An entertaining look at the villains from SM. Includes Villain Info and Fun.

December 1999

Old Reviews for December 1999

Silver Moonlight
Creators: The Raventeam
General Info: Combo Site, with extensive information, images, music, articles, fanfics, and a huge fanart gallery. German language version also available.

Now Down
Feather Dream
Creator: Phi
General Info: A great Elios shrine

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