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  Sailormoon : July 2001

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Creator: Chibi-Haruka
General Info: A shrine to Zircon. Wait a sec.. Zircon?! The eyeball with wings?!
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A Zircon shrine, I know what you are thinking, what was the person thinking of when they decided to make a Zircon shrine? Better yet, what were we thinking when we decided to review one? After all, there isn't too much you can say about good old "eyeball". But! just stop and consider: if you could pull it off, then it shows you're darn creative.
First example of how creative this site is, let's start with the name, "F.O.O.F.". The name stands for "Flying Ocular Organs Flambé"; by itself, it's a very creative description of Zircon. But that only scratches the surface. If you look closer, "Foof" is an onomatopoeia. (Yes, Cere's been playing with the Dictionary.) The name imitates, or creates an image in your mind of Zircon flapping around.
The site's content is everything you expect from a shrine: it has info sections, an image gallery, a little "adopt a Zircon" thing, and finally some links. It covers more than you might be expecting, but it doesn't drag on. The author never streaches out her info just to try to make it look bigger than it is.
My only problem with this site is Netscape. Netscape 4 users will discover some minor problems with the navigation and layouts because the site uses iframes. The site is still usable in Netscape, but it doesn't look as nice as it was meant to. F.O.O.F. is a shrine you should check out at least once, it just goes to show if you have a creative mind, you can make an excellent shrine about anything. Hey it's so creative I got to use the word onomatopeia for the first time in a review!


FOOF is a very well made shrine, and it's small size doesn't make it any less enjoyable. You sometimes see shrines about minor characters that stretch what little there is to say every which way to make the shrine look bigger without actually having more content, but the owner of FOOF resisted the temptation and left us with a very enjoyable, and quite complete, shrine to Zircon. The only things that could be added would be some manga info, as suggested by JunJun, and maybe a few more anime images. Those are by no means necessary though... FOOF is really great just the way it is. And cute, too!


It's impressive someone could put something like this together for a VERY minor character, and they don't get much more minor than Zircon! The well written information currently focuses on the "anime Zircon". I feel the site would be that much more complete if there was also some information on the "manga Zircon". Especially, when you consider most of the images in the gallery come from the manga. However, I don't really think of that a minus, it's just something the owner may want to consider adding in the future.
The layout is nice, clean, and quick. Like Cere, I also worried about the iframes for Netscape users, but after checking in Netscape, you can still get around the site, it just doesn't look quite as nice.
Overall, though a very nice shrine, I could put this one up against some of the shrines I've seen for the senshi, and this one would win.


Of all the characters I never expected to see a shrine for, Zircon was pretty close to the top of the list. Actually, it was pretty well at the top of the list. Then again, I never actually made a list, but IF I had, I'm fairly sure I would have had Zircon near the top of it.
Yet, someone pulled it off, and quite nicely. Let's be honest here: FOOF is plain irresistible. It's got all the info you could possibly want on Zircon (weren't you craving for information on the cute flying eyeball? Either way, you'll have fun reading it.), including its relationship with the other members of the circus and an analysis of his name, a nice image gallery with a pretty complete manga collection, and even an adoption center, with a completely original, home-made picture of the adorable Zircon.
But above all, FOOF is just the kind of page that puts a smile on your face. You also have to visit it at least once, else you will never be able to tell your grandchildren how in the good old days, there used to be a shrine to a flying burning eyeball, and that you were there.

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