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February 1998

Old Reviews for February 1998

The SM Zone
Creator: Apatt
General Info: 'Combo' page, very big, it has the works! Including the SM Toolbox webpage help center.

March 1998

Old Reviews for March 1998

Now Down
Creator: Ben Goodger
General Info: High tech site, reviews, editorials, Saturn Shrine, SM Faq files.

The Original Sailor Mars Shrine at Hikawa Jinja
Creator: Jubei & Psyber
General Info: A Mars Shrine, go fig?

April 1998

Old Reviews for April 1998

Now Down
"What's In a Name? Sailor MoonPage"
Creator: Lyta
General Info: A very original "combo" page. Interactive stuff, nice layout, original info sections.

MoonShine (formerly Eternal SailorMoon Heaven)
Creator: Marie Kropf
General Info: Excellent graphics, lots of stuff to see and do. Includes some original files for downloading.

May 1998

Old Reviews for May 1998

Now Down
The Amazone
Creator: Fish Eye and Tiger Eye
General Info: Amazoness Quartet & Amazon Trio Shrine. (We didn't pick it for the obvious reasons.)

Bow to the Glaive
Creator: Saturn Lee
General Info: A Saturn Shrine, that's good enough to make you "bow to the glaive" (ok that was bad)

Now Down
Eien Sailormoon
Creator: Rei-chan
General Info: "Combo" page. Correct, original information, plus lots of downloads

June 1998

Old Reviews for June 1998

Now Down
Heavenshine's Library: A Sailormoon Fanpage
Creator: Dara North
General Info: A 'combo' page, Well done character sections, and centers around fanfics and fanart sections.

Turbulence: The Second Impact (Formerly: Sky Senshi@The Racetrack)
Creator: Ruk
General Info: A shrine to the Sky Senshi of course! Sailoruranus!

Creator: Skeeter
General Info: The Sailorjupiter shrine with the deep sounding name.

July 1998

Old Reviews for July 1998

Dark Echo Grounds of Thunder Senshi
Creator: Jov
General Info: A shrine to the "talented" Sailor Jupiter. (OK Dic joke... so sue me)

Memoirs of a Fish
Creator: Minki Kitti
General Info: The shrine with the fishy, yet rememberable name. Here's to Fisheye!

September 1998

Old Reviews for September 1998

Mamoru Guide
Creator: MochiCat
General Info: A shrine to the somewhat over-dressed hero, Tuxedo Kamen! (Well at least he doesn't wear tights.)

Now Down
Moon Groove
Creator: Ellen Bekkering
General Info: An excellent collection of pages including a Combo Page, Shrines to Sailor Aluminum Siren and CereCere (OK I know what your thinking ^_-), an animated gif gallery and throw in a dash of PQ Angels. So get into da groove!

November 1998

Old Reviews for November 1998

Manga Style!
Creator: Michelle
General Info: Manga Pics, including some pics and notes from the art books, some nice Sailormoon manga Clipart, HTML and graphics help, and more.

Now Down
Initial U
Creator: CJ Peralta
General Info: NOTE: This was originally a Uranus shrine, but has changed to a Neptune shrine since we reviewed it. It has a very nice, advanced design. However at the time of this entry we have not seen the new information content.

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