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Fire Flower
Creator: chun li
General Info: A Kakyuu shrine that has a ton of information.
Nominated By: Silverfire

This page is a good example of why we like content first and layouts second.
Most of the subpages are fine, proving less is sometimes more. You can get around the site quite easily, and all the text is perfectly readable. However, maybe a few of the backgrounds on the subpages could be "cleaned" up a bit more. I also didn't quite like the links on the main index page, the ones beneath the central pic. It's nice the owner of the page tried to do something a bit different with the links by creating a diagonal patten, but it doesn't quite work. I think I have a way it could be fixed though. Try placing the links in 4 columns, with only one cell per column. Then use the dl tag to create the diagonal effect in each column. For example:

<dl>Link one
<dl>Link two
<dl>Link three
<dl>Link four</dl></dl></dl></dl>
It's not exactly all correct to use nested dl's like this, but it works! Otherwise I would suggest dropping the "diagonal" effect and go with a left alignment. It just looks a bit sloppy as it is now.
With those problems out of the way, we get to the content of the site. There is a small ton of info on Kakyuu here. It starts with a basic stats section, which in this case is an original idea. Not many sites have anything on Kakyuu, let alone a stats sheet on the character. The other sections include info from the anime and manga versions, Kakyuu's fashions, words and terms related to her, and even lyrics to a Starlights song about her. There's also a fun section dedicated to some of the people who have unusual hairdos like Kakyuu's.
Kakyuu is often overlooked on most SM sites, and a lot of fans still know very little about this character. This site can fill in that hole. I would recommend Fire Flower as a site to check out at least once and keep in mind for future reference. It will tell you everything you could ever want to know about Kakyuu and more.

This site boasts a brand new layout since the others reviewed it, however it isn't quite fully debugged yet... hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Either way, this site would be great even if it was text only. There is a ton of info, and since it's on princess Kakyuu, most of it is hard to find. Everything is covered about the anime Kakyuu, from the basics to a detailed description of the circumstances of her death. The manga Kakyuu is covered in the "Different Perspective" section.
The imagine section contains the more original sections, from an essay on odangos to a page on "Kakyuu fashion". I really liked the section on the objects and symbols related to Kakyuu. It's always nice to find a site that tries to look beyond the surface.
Not only is the content good, the style is nice too. Rather than being bombarded will cold facts, you get the feeling you're sitting down with someone who's telling you a story: very charming.
All in all, a very good shrine.


The design of the Kakyuu shrine is alright; like Cere said, I think it could use some fixer-uppers. The main page with the links on it, for instance, could get rid of the messy looking descriptions at the bottom of the page. The subages' designs differ a lot, when I think they should be more closely related in design and layout; also different font types and sizes are used throughout, sometimes different types even on the same pages. The info, however, is thorough and very good with detailed info on the anime and the manga. Kakyuu as a character, a princess, and a senshi, as well as what she wants, what she does, how she arrives, and the differences between her two forms are explained very well. (Though I think she should credit Alex Glover for the manga info in the links sections, not just in the lyrics area.) Besides the info, there's sections on the Three Lights' songs, some fanart, a nice small section on Kakyuu's outfits, the "Odango Bonding" area, and some explanations on things that relate to Kakyuu (her colors and symbols). So overall, though the design is sort of lacking, the information itself and some of the interesting non-traditional sections make up for it. It's a good resource to go to for information on Kakyuu.


Very nicely done shrine on Kakyuu. I'm always impressed when people come up with as much information and stuff on characters that aren't really that major as on characters that ARE major. "Optical illusions" was very nicely layed out and had some very good information.
Hahaha, cool Star Wars reference in "Double Vision". Any page that can put in a Star Wars reference gets a thumbs up to me. This is just an over all fun and cute site. :)
Oh, I forgot to mention, I LOVED how the splash page looked. The picture of Kakyuu all inky and stuff is really beautiful..

Poison Ivy
Creator: Shampoo
General Info: A shrine to Tellu, the green, two ep witch.
Nominated By: Nick

After Jupe's Grapes of Wrath, I didn't think we would ever review a Tellu shrine again. It's not that we didn't want to, it's just we never thought we would run into one again. After all Tellu has the dubious distiction of appearing in only two episodes of SMS... but here we are with Poison Ivy.
The design of Ivy is nice and neat. It's easy to get around thanks to a nice naviagtion bar that spreads out across the top of each subpage. Sure it uses the infamous UpAnDDoWn type for some of the links on the main page, but it's done in such away it's not annoying unlike some "worsts" and "runners" that will use this type technique for their whole site!
As for content, the site has stuff on the anime Tellu, and the manga Tellu. Plus, info on the other Witches, Tellu's seiyuu, the mineral Tellurium (for which Tellu is named) and a picture gallery. I personally feel the manga section could be a bit longer, maybe write about a bit more details. Also there are a few minor mistakes here and there, but a re-read (and a look at what I'm sure Jun will say in her review) might clear those up.
To sum up, Poison Ivy is a nice little site that's a pleasure to visit, especially if you're a fan of the "seldom appearing witch".


You just have to be pleasantly impressed when someone manages to make a complete shrine about a character that doesn't last that much longer than your average "monster of the day". This site has everything you want to know about both the anime and manga Tellu. It also features a small section on the other DeathBusters.
For the physicist in you, there is a neat little section about the element Tellurium, Tellu's namesake.
Poison Ivy is a great little shrine, with everything it takes to be worth your visit.


This is a nice little shrine in design and content about Tellu. The design as a whole is nice, simple, and fast loading (though the upper case and lower case things are kind of weird). The image galleries are fast loading since she uses thumbnails (hurray); there's info on Tellu from the anime and the manga as well as the other Death Busters. There's also information on the mineral Tellu's name comes from, some info on Tellu's seiyuu, and an Adopt a Tellu program.
There are however, a few problems in the info that can be fixed pretty quickly. The owner of the page needs to make sure to check her spelling because there are quite a few general spelling mistakes; she also spells "Makoto" as both "Makoto" and "Mokoto" and spells "tankubon" as "tonkobon". In the Manga section, it's Chibimoon, not SuperSailorchibimoon. Eudial's info is a bit off in that she does get the heart crystals of Haruka and Michiru, she just doesn't manage to run off with their Talismans. Other than that, the info looks good; like Cere, though, I think the owner could probably expand and add in more details that were left out in the anime and manga sections, which might have struck the owner as minor, but they'd be nice to add in anyway.
Overall this is a nicely done Tellu shrine that needs just a little bit of tweaking on info and spelling.


Alright, if we yelled at someone else for doing ThIs CaPs ThInG iTs OnLy FaIr I Do iT tO ThIS SiTe AlSo. [Did I just write almost the entirety of that sentence like that? Ack!] Anyways, to me the caps thing always looks unprofessional and annoying. Otherwise, this site has some nice layouts.
I've actually been to this site before thru the collective. It's very in depth for a character that you could have missed just by sneezing. Like I said before, when shrines have alot of fun stuff and information on a character which isn't well known, I'm always delightfully impressed.
I suggest checking out and the other sites that Teri's done, they're all equally as good. :)

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