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  Sailormoon : July 1999

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Icesenshi's Lake of Illusions
Creator: Bowaggi
General Info: A big ol' Sailormercury shrine
Nominated By: Nezu Chuuko

Finally we review a Mercury Shrine! I have visited this site many times before, and thought about tossing it into the reviews, but somehow I never got around to it.
Just about everything here is great, lots of information, presented in unique ways, all complimented by beautiful layouts.
"The Library" section is more than just the expected fanfiction and article section. It also has several webpage help links. Hey, Ami reads a lot of text books, so it's natural something like this would be in "her" library. The fanart in the gallery is very good, and I liked the layout and idea behind "the Mini Supercomputer". I also liked the Senshi Couture section; never before have I noticed all the differences between the manga and anime fuku.
The only thing I found that really could use improvement is the loacation of the Site Map link. LOI uses some unique titles for each of it's sections. Not a bad idea, but sometimes people can get confused on where to find certain things. Normally I would either suggest either adding a description of the titles below each link, or a site map. While LOI does have a site map, I actually had a bit of trouble finding it. It's tucked down in the lower, right hand corner, in a script font. I think it needs to be more predominant than that. Some might find it easy to find, but I didn't.
Overall, this is one of the best Mercury shrines out there. It's really worth checking out, whether your a fan of Ami or not.


Mercury happens to be one of my favorite senshi, so of course I really liked this site. It must be one of the largest (if not the largest) site dedicated to Sailormercury. The "Ami-chan In Depth" article was one of the most interesting Mercury articles I have ever read. The other sections are well thought out and very original. The whole site is bright, well-done, and has a fun feeling through. Even in the more 'serious' information sections. Like Cere, I found the section titles a bit difficult to follow at first, but once you figure out the ideas behind them (daylight is Ami, moonlight is Mercury, etc.) it's becomes easier. Overall, this is a very nice site.

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