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The Moon Garden
Creator: Ilsevet
General Info: A combo information site, centering on the manga version of SM.
Nominated By: Janelle/Miaka

This is a very nice site; easy to use layout, with fast loading, and well made graphics. I especially liked the very nicely made thumbnails in the image gallery. Who says thumbnails have to be plain, ugly looking things?
As for things that could be improved on the layout, first the link colours should be a different colour than the text to make them clearer. I found the links, but occasionally I was suprised to discover certain pages like the manga section had a lot more than I first thought. The biggest problem I had was with the setup is the positioning of the index page. What do I mean? Well index.html is the default page that all web-browsers will give you when you type only the main part of a page address. In this case: That will bring you to the author's "About Me" page, while that actual index page is on main.html. I would suggest that the index.html be renamed me.html or something and the main.html renamed index.html. This will help a lot people coming into the site through search engines. If the author wants the "about me" to be the index page, then I would suggest making the link to "Moon Garden" on the bottom of the site an even larger font size to very clearly show there is more than just this page.
As for the content, what can I say, excellent. The character info is well written, and the links on each character page for more information is a good idea. The information on Takeuchi Naoko is very good, and the most complete I have seen, except of course on the two sites the author credits for helping with the info. My favorite section was actually the Manga Glossary. Sure Glossaries are normally fairly boring, but this one has very well written entries on general terms used in manga and by manga fans.
This site seems to be relatively new, but I feel it's well on it's way to becoming one of the nicest SM site on the web.


The layout of this page is simple, yet effective. I like the black and white design especially when coupled with nice, fast loading manga graphics. There is an informative page on Naoko Takeuchi, along with manga information and images. The manga information itself is pretty accurate, though it could be more so. I was surprised to see 3 acts of manga script posted considering that MixxZine holds the rights and all. The gallery presents images with nicer than average thumbnails.


The setup is nice, pretty. Like Cere and Ves, I think the information on Takeuchi is nicely done. The information on the characters is mainly accurate- it's not stats (yay), it's actually mostly description of the senshi personalities and some of the stuff on their names. A few things on the information- I think Makoto wasn't kicked out of her school in the manga, she transfered to school because she was drawn to it. The Haruka info has several things incorrect that I'd correct (Haruka is only female; she only kisses Moon once actually, the other times were almost and in a dream; the three Outers aren't wearing marriage rings; and "Striker") and the Saturn page is a bit confusing (I don't think Pluto stopped time, but I'm not an expert.) But the set-ups and edited images are very pretty, and she has plenty of opinions and interpretations to offer on the senshi. The image gallery is nice and several times the owner shows creativity in how she edits and presents them (like the picture of Haruka and Michiru in the duo gallery). The manga summaries are nice and unique, hopefully she'll get some more done (and Mixx doesn't pull a legal suit). Lots of links to pages she thinks wilI help the visitors out. I think it's overall a good page, and with some time and a few minor corrections, it could be one of the best manga SM pages.


A really nice, simple, clean site. Everything is nicely done, the manga information is well written and fairly accurate. I absolutely loved the the opening page. That's really cool with Usagi's arm coming down over the site. I really love how the character information pages are set up. Another plus with me is that she didn't try and make Hotaru into this goth poster child that everyone else is trying to do. She told the straight up facts without overanalyzing or without being too brief. This is a really great manga site :) My only suggestion is to change the color of the links. Most people don't really recognize black as being a link color.
Creator: Keiichi
General Info: Combo Site with lots of information, presented in many unique ways
Nominated By: Susan Tkachuk



Keiichi is gone on vacation for the summer? Okay, I guess this review will have to wait. Naaaaah... The site isn't closed (phew) so we can still review it. Too bad in some ways though, because the index I saw last week was a lot nicer than the one that is there now, but even the "closed for the summer" one has a bit of charm and simplicity to it. That kind of sounds nuts, but I guess I'm just tired of seeing very complex, graphical layouts when most of the time all you need is something simple like this.
My overall favorite section to this page was the "Featured Character Section". This is most unique way I have ever seen to give information about the senshi, through graphical displays! Sure it doesn't give you a lot of info, but it's unique and nicely supplements the other character info and the three already existing character shrines. Come to think of it, that gives me a thought for a suggestion. These "Featured Character Sections" should have links to your shrines or information on each character, for example Mercury's Feature should have a link in there somewhere to Rhapsody in Blue (Routevenus' Mercury Shrine).
The FYE section offers lots of other things to do besides info gathering. Such as various multimedia files, graphic files, and the results of a fandom contest. Too bad the HTML help section was shut down due to thieves. I can understand why, but I'm really curious to see what was in there.
Have a nice vacation, Keiichi!


The first thing that catches my eye is the simple, functional, look of this page. I liked how the path I'd taken to get to a certain page was mapped out in title ( > information > manga > summaries > sms - sm supers) for example. The manga and anime summaries give a good overview (if a bit brief in spots). The character summaries are opinionated, but in an honest way. They give a slightly different perspective that I haven't seen before.
I spent quite a bit of time here reading. The ability to hold a person's attention would count as a compliment in my book.


The page certainly is unique in many ways. Keiichi goes his own way, casting aside the more traditional methods of having a link to each character, then listing stats, information, powers, etc. Instead, most of everything is grouped by having the senshi all together. There's a lot of information here, though the season and manga summaries are more general. The character profiles offer the owner's opinions on the senshi, a quote, and a picture; a complete listing of powers and items are on other pages. The layout is very nice, simplistic but still very appealing. Like Cere, I liked the Featured Senshi portion a lot, the graphics and pointing to each part of the senshi's fuku were one-of-a-kind and showed a lot of creativity (though at first I wondered why there was both a Featured section and a shrine section). The image galleries are nicely put together (yay for thumbnails); the shrines are cute and short. Lots of stuff in the FYE section, I particularly liked how he called the Free Graphics section an area to fulfill all your "graphic-stealing needs".


Another nice, simple, clean site. Good information, creative look at Senshi. My favorite was the featured character of the month thingy, that's really neat! I never thought about why the Sailor Senshi wore gloves, to protect them from their own attacks, you say? I thought it was just fashion hehe...but that's a really cool explanation. :) I liked that so much I wanted to see the other featured senshi in the archive. ROFLMAO!!!!! I just read the Venus report, "Gloves: The gloves protect her body while she attacks. After all, no glove, no love." BWAHAHAHA! Well, the red ribbon thing actually does have a story behind it--tho it's another question as to why Minako always wears it. Great site. :)

Team Venus
Creator: Mara K.
General Info: SM Webpage graphics
Nominated By: Alena

From Routevenus we travel to Team Venus, and neither are Venus shrines! I know some of you are saying, didn't we already give Mara an award for Pluto Planet Power? Yes, we did, but we review web sites, not people. So we don't care if we award her again for another great site she has worked hard on.
Team Venus contains various excellent graphics you can download and use on your web site. All Mara asks in return is placing a link to Team Venus on your site. It has buttons, bars (mmmmm bars... I'm getting hungry), corner layouts, and backgrounds. Also included is a handy little tutorial on how to setup the corner layouts you can download in your HTML or even how you can create some of your own corner layouts.
The links page is also a good place to visit, as it contains many excellent resources. Including more graphics, fonts and even HTML help. It provides you with just about everything you need for making a web page.


A graphics page, is a nice change of pace from the rest of this month's choices. Offered are free corner graphics, buttons, and 2 pages of background images. And let me tell you, these edited graphics are nice.
The page itself is well laid out and loads surprisingly fast considering its content. There is a tutorial on making corner graphics and how to use them. This is a great asset to those learning how to do it! The credits page asks for nothing unreasonable (no direct linking and for a return link). If Sailor Moon related web graphics are what you're looking for, this is a good place to find them.


Cute Sailor V figurine. o_O I want it... Ah well. Anyway, Mara has many very nice and pretty free graphics for you to design your webpage with. Even though I'm wary of using free graphics, quite a few of them I wanted to download just because they were designed so well. Ah! Our friend Keiichi's stuff is here too. There's also a tutorial on how to design and use the corner system layout. (Though I'd actually like a tutorial from Mara on how to do all the cool designs.. maybe lend us her skills too.. Hmm.. rent-a-skill..)


Mara K. is just the coolest! I love and have loved this site for a very long time. It's simply great for all those people starting out in the Sailormoon world. The corner graphics, although I personally don't care for them, are beautifully done and for those who do like them, would make a lovely addition to a site. She's got tutorials, free fonts (I LOVE FREE FONTS!!!!!!), and all that other cool stuff too! This is honestly one of the best graphic sites out there. :)

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