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Sun Spots
Creator: Jupe
General Info: A site that centers around a lovely collection of shrines, including ones to Tellu, Saturn, and Iron Mouse.
Nominated By: Susan Tkachuk

Wow! You can literally spend hours exploring this site!
"Sun Spots" is made up of six sections, four of these are extensive character shrines. On top of this there is "Sailor Solar's Page of Miscellany", which can be best described as a collection of miscellaneous stuff, and "Fan Art Crossroads".
"Silence" is an excellent Sailor Saturn shrine which I've have had the pleasure of seeing before. It includes extensive anime and manga info, Sailorsaturn quotes (which unfortunately are often stolen by other sites), plus poetry and pics. Of course, the only part of Silence I felt uneasy about was the Goth section. It's okay though if you just keep in mind that this is an opinionated section, rather than series info.
Next there is the "Grapes of Wrath", the first ever large Tellu shrine I've seen! Just like "Silence", it has a lot of great info, plus Tellu-ish downloads. I also liked the nice use of JAVA script on the Tellu index page. Now that's how you use JAVA!
Moving on, we get to the "Phone Booth", the Iron Mouse shrine. While "Phone Booth" does have a little less information than the other shrines, it's still a good shrine in it's own right. The picture section is well setup and fairly large for a character without many pics. The info on the other Anima-mates is an added bonus.
Overall, "Sun Spots" is well setup, with quick loading, very nice graphics. It was nice to see a site which devotes so much to villains. Despite the number of SM sites on the web, good villain sites are still very hard to come by.


I like this site. It displays a sense of humor and wit in how things are presented (such as the links page in the Iron Mouse shrine being called the Yellow Pages). The manga page of Tellu's site has a nice telling of her role in the S manga. The anime counterpart is also well done, but is done with a much smaller font (which put me a bit off).
The approach for displaying images as thumbnails in the Tellu archive is one I haven't seen before. It looks as though they took a print screen of Paint Shop Pro's browser option and then made an image map of it. Very clever.
There are a few little layout errors that are easily corrected (the index page has an image block slightly out of place, minor things like that). Other then that, this is a great site!


Very nice site, just be forewarned it uses extensive JAVA. My browser didn't use JAVA, so crashed a few million times before I used a different one. I did admire the JAVA usage though, once I could actually see it. ^^ The SailorSaturn shrine was really nice (like Cere, I don't go for the goth thing, but well...). I really enjoyed the cute IronMouse shrine. The thing about Phi and Chi left me cracking up. My only complaint with the very cool Tellu shrine is that there's one info thing that's wrong (Tellu gives the plant to Hotaru, not Chibi-usa) but other than that, it is pretty amazing how much you can get out of less than two episodes.


Very cute layout and JAVA. I found the Tellu shrine interesting, considering that she was in the anime for perhaps no more than 30 minutes. However, there was as much information on her as possible. Although, I would have liked to see some things on her personality. I love psychoanalysises ;)
The Ironmouse shrine was pretty cool as well.
I really am looking forward to the Ayanami Rei shrine. I just love her to death, and it looks GORGEOUS. I hope it can become as interesting as S I L E N C E :)

Planet Mermaid
Creator: Sailorcaeli
General Info: Shrine to Aluminum Siren!
Nominated By: ?

Maybe I spoke to soon! Another villain shrine this month, maybe they aren't so rare?
This shrine centers almost completely around information on Siren. Sorry, guys, no large image gallery here. Sailorcaeli explains why she doesn't have one, and I agree she doesn't need one. Face it, you need more than pics to make a good site! I should mention she did just open a fan art section though.
There is a fair amount to read here. While the profile on Siren isn't that long, Caeli makes up for it by adding sections on her seiyuu, the mythological background behind Sirens and Mermaids, plus a lesson about Aluminum. She also throws in profiles on the other Anima-mates and opinion sections on Siren's choice of fashions and so on. This site once again proves "less is more", you don't need a whole lot of pics with really fancy layouts. As long as you can make it work, keep it neat, and have the content you can create a good site.


This isn't the biggest shrine to a single character on the net, but it is certainly well done. Every aspect that one can think of (down to chemistry) has been explored. The reasons to like Aluminum Siren were cute (even if some of them were rephrased and repeated at points. There is only so much someone could say about a character that got such little screen time ;) The You Know You Adore AluminumSiren Too Much When was even funnier, especially with the playful jibes towards Neptune fans.


This is a good small shrine. The info was rather short; I'd like to see more of it though, that's basically my only suggestion. Lots of stuff to see and do, including two coloring book pictures, lots of mythology and science and whatnot, info on fellow Animamates, and lots of other things to keep you entertained. The YKYAASTMW was cute, though the Neptune fans stuff got annoying after the eighth time (and I've never met a Neptune fan who said anything against AS or anyone actually besides the owner who's ever tried to compare the two; I was rather surprised at that), but the Mercury jokes were great (sorry to Ves about that... bbbb-dah! [Takes the sandwich Cere offered to Ves before and gobbles it down])


A very awesome webpage! Aluminum Siren is one of the only Animamates I don't think is absolutely worthless (for the record, along with Lethe and Leadcrow). Anyways, Sailorcaeli-san has very good, albeit simple, web design--which is GOOD. None of that crazy JAVA to have to deal with either. :)
The section on Inoue Kikuko (the seiyuu) is basically from Doi's page, but it was still a nice touch (I'm a big fan of seiyuu too!). The information on mermaids and sirens was also extremely interesting, and the aluminum section brought me back to my chemistry class, so I didn't like that as much (but it was thru no fault of Sailorcaeli, she admits it isn't the most fascinating of topics :))
I also loved the stuff in the Entertainment section! Tottemo kawaii and lovely, lovely, lovely! She writes out an interesting theory on Senshi fuku, which I tend to agree with (altho never thought of.) God love those Neptune jibes. Aluminumsiren all the way! :D

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