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  Sailormoon : September 1998

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Mamoru Guide
Creator: MochiCat
General Info: A shrine to the somewhat over-dressed hero, Tuxedo Kamen! (Well at least he doesn't wear tights.)
Nominated By: Mara K.



A lot 'o good stuff on Mamoru! Nice, for a change we get to see a good site on Tux without the old dribble, "He's so cute!" stuff with poor info and layouts you find on so many other Tux shrines. The info here is more than you could ever think of on Mamoru. Everything from an estimated layout of his apartment (Graceland Section) to a look at the dreams of the guy that would be voted "Most likely to get brain-washed" at any high school prom. (b. dreamer section)
In addition to the info, there are some sound and picture files ready for downloading, plus some fun stuff like a comical list of what 'love is' to Mamoru and Usagi. (Love is... section)
Overall this shrine has good info, with a nice layout, and simple, yet effective and fastloading graphics.


This is a nice shrine. It has lots to see and do, more than your usual stats and powers and family members; a lot of creative ideas about with equally cool names. No wonder it's call the "Mamoru Guide," it's the most top-knotch shrine I've ever seen to him.


This is a really cute web page, especially since I hate Mamoru. She admits his negative side, coupled with his positive side. I really liked that. It was very informative and interesting. I didn't even know that you could fill so of a site with Mamoru stuff without babbling endlessly about how cute he is. Well done.

Moon Groove
Creator: Ellen Bekkering
General Info: An excellent collection of pages including a Combo Page, Shrines to Sailor Aluminum Siren and CereCere (OK I know what your thinking ^_-), an animated gif gallery and throw in a dash of PQ Angels. So get into da groove!
Nominated By: YuukiSenshi

Whoa... this is going to take a while to go through, ton's of stuff here.
I remember the Siren Shrine from a while back and kept thinking it would be a good one to use in a review, lots of info, easy on the eyes. Hmmm didn't know Siren had an everyday name... (Aya Reiko). As for the CereCere Shrine, well I wish she would hurry up and finish it! What's there so far is nice, but I want more! PLEASSSSE!?!?!
The Spunky SM Page (the combo page) is the oldest part of Moon Groove and in a few places I think it shows, as the layouts are not as good as the other parts of the site. However, they are not bad layouts, so it's nothing to really turn you away from the site. The profiles section is based on an excellent idea. They each have two sections, one featuring the traits of the "everyday" character on top and a second section for their ablities as a senshi on the bottom.
Thrown in is a manga section, a short basic Japanese guide and some fun stuff to round out a very good combo site. I loved her "10 Ways to Spot Pages that are Annoying" article...
Yes, Electra, the Amazoness Quartet does give out awards, and while the "Worst of the Month" is not an honour, I hope you think the "Best of the Month" is.


This is a good all around page. The profiles have a unique layout, and they aren't the stats pages, a bit more into the actual personalities of each of the senshi and some of the things that they do. There are some shrines under construction that look promising, a bit on the manga, and some rants and things of that nature.


This is a nice page, I didn't know that anyone liked Sailor Aluminum Siren that much, go figure. I like the layout, I really liked how there was a floating Mercury...that's so cute.

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