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Creator: Ben Goodger
General Info: High tech site, reviews, editorials, Saturn Shrine, SM Faq files.
Nominated By: Mara K., Jared

I first heard of this site when it gave us an award about a year back. It was under a totally different name then, it was pretty good, but now?
Layout wise, it's even better. This page rocks! One of the best I've ever seen for either a Sailormoon page or any page. As for content, it is similar in some ways to our own, giving out HTML advice, awards, and doing editorials. These are all very informative and well written. It also features a very unique Saturn Shrine, fanart, and copies of Ken Arromdee's SM Faq in both a "Windows Help" format and the "good old" text format. My only suggestion is maybe make the site bigger. He does such a good job presenting what he has, it makes you want to see more!


As much of a fan of textbased pages as I am, I opted for the Standard loading. The left bar is a nice map of the site. It's not often that I get to say that I truly like the layout of a site, but this one fully meets my approval. The only thing I would change in the Saturn Shrine (and it's a quibble at best) is not having the links being purple un-underlined with black text. It was difficult occasionally to tell if a word was a link or not. Very nice site and I agree with the others, I would like to see this page expanded!


Nice page. Three choices of set-ups, tried the second two, both are fast and easy to use. Good Hotaru information and things dealing with Saturn. HTML advice is very useful, editorials are interesting, and though I don't particularly agree with all his Crystal Points choices, it's a good idea to have examples of pages with good set-ups, information, and both. Over all, it's a good place for someone interested in seeing what one type of good page design looks like, finding tips on creating pages, and getting the SM FAQ, all in one swoop. Like CereCere, I agree that the page makes you want to see more; perhaps that's a suggestion the author can take up in the future.

The Original Sailor Mars Shrine at Hikawa Jinja
Creator: Jubei & Psyber Raven
General Info: A Mars Shrine, go fig?
Nominated By: Pandora

A very nice shrine with some nice original ideas, and nice graphics. The info is very extensive on Mars, which is extactly what a shrine should try to do. It even looks at the other characters, but from the viewpoint of Mars. Very nice. My only suggestion would be to maybe cut back on the entrance stuff. "3 clicks" is a general rule you should follow when trying to send people to the stuff they want. You might want to cut out the announcments page, but still have it around for people who want to see it, rather than everyone pass through it.


This is definitely better than the average shrine. The information pages are interesting and accurate. I liked how the character pages were for Rei's point of view, and didn't have all the blood type/food info on them. Again, these descriptions are accurate for being from Rei's point of view. Information that she wouldn't know isn't given, and things that she would know intimately are gone into with detail.

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