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Manga Style!
Creator: Michelle
General Info: Manga Pics, including some pics and notes from the artbooks, some nice Sailormoon manga Clipart, HTML and graphics help, and more.
Nominated By: Cutey Honey



This is one nice little manga graphics site. One nice feature I liked about it is Michelle went out of her way to get the artbook liner notes translated by Alex Glover. Most sites like this just say, "Here take some pics", but it's also nice to know a little about what Naoko Takeuchi was thinking when she drew some of them.
The pics in the manga clip art section are well, for lack of a better word, COOL! It was also nice that both jpg and transparent gif formats are included. Jpgs if you want smaller files, and gifs if you of course need something to put on top of a patterned background.
The tips are resources sections are quite well done too, even if she didn't include our Page Tips in her list. ;_; You may ask, "was that a hint?" Nah, everyone has their favorites, if our tip page isn't one of then I can accept that and still feel good about giving this site an award. Oh great, Cere, now people are going to think you're trying to pull a guilt trip on her... I think I better just shut up now.


I like the layout of this page. It is fast loading and came out looking nice in my screen resolution. I was laughing my fanny off at the Michiru picture description on the first page of the notes for artbook 3. Osabu-san certainly has a sense of humor.
The section on using Paint Shop Pro was quite informative. (I admit to having a bit of a bias since I use PSP and can't seem to get the blasted program to do anything cool like I know it can). I bookmarked this part of the site to go through more thoroughly later.
I couldn't help for my jaw to hit the keyboard when I saw the web resources page. This lady has done her homework and is sharing the knowledge with us. I would encourage anyone interested in HTML to visit this site.


The site is nicely set up. It's easy to navigate and doesn't take very long to load up (noting how slow Xoom can be).
I'll admit it- I'm not wholly impressed with the manga aspect of this site, even though it's called "Manga Style." It kind of strikes the wrong chord in me since basically the owner didn't scan the pictures herself, just got them all from a FTP site (permission or not), nor did she translate the notes herself (again, even with permission); I'm simply not as wowed by this portion of the site since I think anyone else could do the same.
The webpage clips page was fairly nice; what you're supposed to do with them, I'm not sure (she suggested making your own buttons and whatever, but they're really big for that idea, maybe just regular transparent gifs), but I liked the idea of having the number of options offered if you think of something interesting to use them for.
What the main attraction of this page is the number of links it has to, for the most part, valuable resources- the creator doesn't really offer her own tips but goes right to the experts. Lots of links on HTML and graphics help; the usual links to the popular, well known shrines; a fairly nice list of places to go for merchandise; that sort of thing. I'd recommend this portion of the site to those who need to know where to go for help on info, website making, and buying things.


This is a great page. Whether or not she translated the manga herself or scanned it herself, it's great that she put it all together in one nice, clean-looking site. A one-stop site for anyone interested in the manga. I really love how everything just flows nicely. Plus, the translations of the linear notes is a great idea. I've sometimes wondered what exactly Takeuchi-sensei was thinking when she does some of her stuff. ^^; What was also nice was all the webpage and graphic tips, a nice added bonus. I'm going to add this to my favorites list. :)

Initial U
Creator: CJ Peralta
General Info: A nicely laid out Uranus shrine, with of course excellent info to boot.
Nominated By: Ian Andreas Miller

This site recently competed in our People's Choice Awards, and to tell you the truth, it's improved even more since then. It's a very nice-looking, unique and creative layout. It's also "clean" looking, fast loading, and well organized. The only thing I didn't like was the size of the text is a little small for 1024 resolutions. When reading the info articles, it gets a little hard on the eyes, but that's OK, that's what the font size button on our browsers is for right? Oh, one more thing, it might be nice if that little file folder for the "back" links was included in the A HREF tag somehow. Yes, I'm getting really picky now, right?
Really liked the idea of the compact JAVA windows for the chibi image galleries and so on, some really nice SD pics in that gallery too. By the way, for people going to this site, the JAVA windows work well in both IE4 and Netscape 4.
The info works fine, the stats on the planet Uranus is a bit of a nice touch. You may want to do a little more with the "air" page, like explaining a bit more about what Wicca is.
Overall this is an excellent site, very worthy of being one of the best shrines out there.


When I got there, the page was holiday themed. I'm not sure what it looks like normally, but it seems to be a bit tweaky to me. I liked how both the English and the Japanese for her speeches was listed (normally, one only comes across the English). But the grey font and the small size of it makes it a bit difficult to read. (Ah well, I knew there was a reason for wearing glasses...)
I found that having some of the information pop up into its own box to be interesting. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but it did get my attention.
While the amount of detail given to the profiles is great, I would have liked to have been able to see them. The pics were small when there is plenty of room on the screen for them to be larger. And the text reminds me of reading the fine print on a medicine bottle.


The site's format is nice- severely plain, but somewhat stylistic with that weird logo that's fuzzy until you touch a link, and then it becomes clear. Anyway, like the other Quartet members, I'd have to say my main gripes are the teeny tiny font size and the teeny tiny pictures- both should be majorly increased. As it is, I'm not sure if a short loading time is worth sacrificing your visitors' eye sights. Also, I'd probably check for sentence fragments too; things like bad grammar tend to detract from good sites, especially ones like this that tend to rely much more on content than anything else.
The info was right on except for the poetic license on Haruka's year of birth and her height. (Seriously, where exactly are these officially listed...? They aren't in the anime books to my knowledge, I have those.) The info on the planet, Uranus, was nicely done; I liked the thing on air in Wiccan, though I was a bit lost to what all those descriptions meant. The picture gallery was very smoothly done, I thought that was cool. Over all, this is a nice Uranus site; with a few improvements, I think it could probably be one of the best.


WHOA! A Uranus page with Wicca on it! Awesome! Anyways, I liked the site. It is VERY professional looking. I'm not really a big fan of shrines because they never have that much information on them, but this was a good one. Did I mention how much I liked the web design? :) I didn't mind the small pictures either. I didn't have any real gripes, except sometimes the layout confused me...but that was easily solved when I tried looking at just one part of the screen than the whole thing. ^^;

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