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  July 2000

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The Sailor Venus Gallery

Here's Why:

  • Trying to pass off real Sailormoon pictures as her fanart.
  • She is trying to sell that so-called "fanart" for quite large sums of money.
  • Direct-links various files.
  • Various mistakes in info sections: bad names, bad stats, ect...
  • Stolen pics that she tries to pass off as her's by stamping her URL on them.

Positives About The Page:

  • It gave us all a good shock. Then again, is that a positive thing?
   Nominated by: Anna



Hi, this is Casey Kasem with a request and dedication to one CereCere. Cere writes, "Dear Casey, please play me something that will go with this web page." Well Cere, here's your request...
Ahww that felt good, it's been a while since I had to slip in the Loading Song. Yes, this page takes a while to load. Now it isn't the worst I have seen for loading, but because it has all it's links in little pictures, you have to wait to find out what is what. You could hit stop, and go by what your status bar says each link goes to, but that's not very good presentation wise. It would be nicer to give a text link alternative to all those pics, or do something with the pics to make them load faster.
The layout of the page is nothing fancy, but other than the loading problem they work fine. On the bottom of the index page is an animated pic titled "Gif of the Month" and guess what, it's stolen by direct-linking from
On to the content and first we have the gallery section. The gallery is filled with several pics the owner supposedly paid a lot of money for. Hmmm... she paid 200 Rupees for a pic in Japan. You sure it was Japan? [Regis:] "Is that your final answer!?" [Cere smacks Regis over the head with the guitar] This is my review! Ahem anyway, you're wrong. Rupee is a form of money used in the countries on the Indian subcontinent, but not Japan. I hate to say it, but if she really paid $400 for a SM Wall Scroll she was seriously ripped off. That combined with the whole Rupee thing makes me think someone might be trying to show off by telling a few lies. While we are on the subject of galleries, let's skip ahead to the Fanart Gallery.
Oh My...
Well the first picture seems to be a fanart, but number 2 is from the anime, first season, number 3 is from Volume 13, Act 38 of the manga, and Number 4 is from the first Artbook! I'm pretty sure Numbers 2 to 4 are captures and scans of the original pictures. They are not something drawn by this person. Careful examination of the pictures show they are exactly the same... shading, colouring, detailing, all the same. If that wasn't enough, get ready for the kicker! She is actually selling these pictures for hundreds of dollars! Even if she did draw them, selling pictures that look this much like existing pictures, and for this amount of money is quite illegal. Original designs and styles are one thing, but same style, same poses?
Quickly moving on to the last of the galleries. Towards the bottom of the index are links to anime and manga galleries. Each gallery has several pics, all stamped with the site's URL. The reason for this is in the site's FAQ section, it says: "The ones in anime and manga have the site url on them, which helps stop pic theivary." True, but for someone who has already direct-linked a pic on her index, not to mention some Ranma sound files I found in her Goodies section, this idea doesn't make much sense. If she's so much against stealing, why is so much of this site stolen?
Whoa this review is getting pretty long. Quickly, let's run down the profiles. Well the profiles are filled with some made-up names for the English dub characters. Uranus is "Homaru" in English? I don't think "Amara" spells that way no matter which way you try it! I also wonder where she got the names for each of the Senshi's mothers.
In closing all I can say is this site needs a serious make over, if that doesn't happen, then Expage or someone is going to have to shut it down. It's not just filled with the usually stolen material and wrong information, but actually is involved with some really illegal activities, selling fanart that's not fanart... yessh what's next!


Awwwhh... it's down! And here I was so eager to slip in a Zelda joke about the rupees. Oh well, what can you do.
The site has been replaced by:
1) One log of a conversation between the owner and someone else.
2) A log of a conversation that between the site owner and the hacker, who admits to the crime.
3) Emails sent by the hacker to the owner. Actually, one email sent by the hacker. The second one seems to be a reply to it, despite the headers.
Talk about mixed luck for the owner of this site... on one hand, she has been hacked by a creative hacker in such a way that it wasn't obvious the site was not what it was meant to be. On the other hand, the hacker neglected to change to password, so the owner was able to simply get right back in. Hmmmm... Strange...
Anyway, the site is gone, so I have nothing left to say.


Stop the presses! One night and it's already gone. I had a feeling this one wouldn't stick around for long. I wonder how many emails they received last night?
Anyway, the page has been replaced with some message about "Neek admits to the crime". The message goes on to say something about providing us with proof and then offers three links, one to a Zelda site, and two with logs from two different chats.
So what's this proof bit all about? Well from what I can make out of it some guy named "Neek" hacked the site a while back for some reason. To be honest, I find this a bit hard to believe, considering the timing of it all, but you know what, who cares? It might be true, it might not be. All I care is the page has been removed. Pulling crap like this could influence others to pull similar scams. I know it seems odd to say that, but on the Internet you never know who's going to try to pull another stupid scam like this one. Sure, look at the guy who tried to sell Cere those dub eps of SMS last week. What this site was doing isn't that much different.
Oh, one more thing, I took a look at that Zelda page. They haven't learned that much from their experience with the Venus page. The background image has "" stamped on it, and yes, they did rip it off and direct-linked it. They also don't have a link anywhere to A shame too, because is a much, much better Zelda site. So, if you like Zelda, skip that "The Palace of Linky" thing and go there.

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