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  April 2000

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The Sailor Moon Zone!

Here's Why:

  • Here a JavaScript, there a JavaScript, everywhere a script script!
  • Over 60% of the site does not work.
  • Direct linking of files.
  • Overly large amounts of sloppiness.

Positives About The Page:

  • Stretcccchhhing... Okay, maybe the warning message at the beginning about all the JavaScript.
   Nominated by: Papillon and Siren



Uh-Oh. A message box warning you about the amount of Javascript this site uses.
[Carefully hits "OK" and hangs on!]
Yeeow, a status bar scroller, and one whopper of a background colour transition script. I feel like I just entered an acid disco! (Shake your booty!) Background colour scripts are just pointless, and status bar scrollers aren't much better.
Getting back to the message box for a second. It was nice of the owner to think of warning people who don't like pointless Javascripts, but, if you need to warn someone about something on your page, chances are you're doing something unnecessary. If the background script was dropped, there would be no need of the message box. Already you can be rid of two Javascripts.
The rest of the layout isn't that great either. The frameset is really messed up in both browsers. The problem is, the site owner used percentages in the frame sizes where you need to use pixle sizes... Although, this does allow you to have some fun decapitating ChibiChibi by changing the height of your browser window.
Just about every pic is broken for some reason. They aren't direct linked. I can only guess they were never uploaded. Actually a lot of the page links are busted too.
Checking out the galleries that do work... Hmmm, why did my floppy drive just spin? Ahwwha! The picture links are pointing to my A drive! That explains why the other pics don't work either. Those that don't point to the A drive point to a "My Pictures" directory that sits on somebody's computer somewhere out there.
Out of the info on the site, there's only the Sailor Jupiter Section and a a section called "SM Story", which looks at the SMR season. Info has some minor spelling mistakes, and a bit of Dic/original mixing, but is generally okay.
The only other SM related content are The ROMs on the game page. Unfortunately, just like every page I've seen with ROMs lately, they are all stolen through direct-links to KatC's page. Isn't it sad when you realize the only thing that works on this site has been ripped off?
The one piece of advice I always give anyone creating a site for the first time is: "test, test and test again". Not just offline, but online as well. This site was obviously pieced together offline, uploaded, and never ever properly tested. That lack of testing leaves us with a disappointing page that's a total waste of time.


Sorry for the delay in posting this review... it took me some time to recuperate from that flashing javascript...
This site is simply too complicated for its own good. The flashing javascript and the status bar one are there only for the sake of it: they serve no purpose and the site would be better off without them. Same goes for the frames, however I did like Cere's suggestion, make a game out of decapitating ChibiChibi over and over again. Of course, all the broken pics don't help either. Oh well, let's see what's inside.
Villains section: nothing. nada. zippo.
Inners: broken pics and mostly broken links
Outers: pretty much the same and the few links that work only lead to pages with more broken links.
Starlights: same again.
It really seems someone tried to make something impressive and cut way too many corners, resulting in a complete waste of time.


Okay, so I clicked the little Javascript warning... Shazam! Who needs Pokemon for epileptic seizures when you have this sweet Javascript that flashes through all the colors of the rainbow for you? Warning: Do not view this page in a darkened room with your face smushed against the screen. Please.
Anyway, first thing I notice is that the frames are done poorly so that poor ChibiChibi's body is dismembered. On the front page it says "Inners= Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. Outers= Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Chibi Moon. Starlights= Sailor Starhealer, Sailor Starmaker, Sailor Starfighter and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon!" Again, we have those lovely "Chibimoon is an Outer and ChibiChibi is a Starlight" thing. Oh, did I mention that the scrolling Javascript is a pain in the arse?
On the "Inner Scouts" page, Moon, Mercury, and Mars' pages don't work; none of the graphics work on any of the pages; Venus's page only has a "Gallery" where none of the pics work; Jupiter's profile page works (not the pictures), and the info's a mixture of the dub, the original, and badly named attacks; and Tuxedo Kamen's page has seriously mislinked pictures to your A and harddrive, which freaked me out at first when my A drive started sputtering and making weird noises. And unfortunately I couldn't tell this was going to happen from the links due to that demented java scrolling message. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have similar problems to Tuxedo Kamen's page; Saturn's page doesn't link to your A drive. The Outer Scouts are "Alex, Michelle, and Christine" and use "Planet Star Power". The "SailorStars" pages only have Maker and Chibimoon's pages linked, and Maker's has broken links. ChibiChibi, Chibimoon, and the Group Gallery pages don't load up in Netscape, and in IE they give you an error. The ROMs page rips off and direct-links to KatC's homepage and files. Out of curiosity, I looked at the Pokemon, AMG, and Powerpuff Girls pages. All have scrolly text and broken images and say "under construction". The Powerpuff page of course spawns frames within frames. The SM story page seems to be alright since it seems to be based on the original and not the dub, while using scouts and the scout names.


Aww damn, I clicked "no" on that JavaScript message that popped up. I was hoping I could turn it off, but alas, it took me back to homebase.
Well, anyways, since I shall more or less reiterate what everyone else said -- the magic blinking JavaScript is absolutely fantastic... if you're on an acid trip. Another annoyance was the whole "Sailor Stars" thing, they're not "Sailor Stars" they're "Starlights." Oh, and Chibimoon is not an Outer and Chibichibi is not a Starlight.
I'm kind of starting to worry this page is going to crash my browser actually, since it seems to be stuck. Ah, will ya look at that, it crashed. PallaPalla-chan's report: Too much JavaScript, not enough content.

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