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  Feb 2000

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Triad of the Moon Presents:
A Sailor Moon Page

Here's Why:

  • Some really weird information
  • They are not consistent in their usage of names between versions
  • Orange on Blue?
  • One writer will say one thing, while another contradicts that.
  • Long Loading Times

Positives About The Page:

  • They attempted to put together a page covering every character from the manga.
  • A lot of problems could be fixed with a bit of proof reading.
   Nominated by: Ecco



I could use the loading song for this page, but it isn't half as bad for loading as a few other sites we have this month. So I'll save it for them. Trust me, you'll see why...
The poor loading time is caused by several pics used to link each profile. This could be easily fixed by dividing up the profile links into several separate files. Divide the links up into categories, have a page for each of those categories. Only have a link to each category on the index. From there, you can get to the profiles. For example, all the senshi go into one category, all the villains into another. This would not only help get rid of the long loading time on the main page, but would get rid of all the hideous scrolling as well.
Next, fix the colour schemes of each page. Get rid of the orange text on a blue background. It's very hard on the eyes. The same goes for many of the sub pages. Stick to black for the text. Don't try to make it look "better" by using different colours. Trust me, it will look better in black.
As for the info, well I know Jun is planning to write a short epic novel on the many info mistakes, so I'll just stick to a few things I thought really stood out. The mistakes can be summed up with three little words:
"No proof reading."
You have spelling errors, detail errors, plus using names from one version, then switching to another. I understand they found most of their info by reading the French manga. That's fine, but only if they use the French names all the time!
To make matters worse, on occasion one of the owners will notice a mistake made by one of the others, but they don't fix it! They will only add in comment pointing out the mistake. For example, on the Pharaoh 90 page, one person calls Pharaoh 90 a she, but the second writer says they think Pharaoh 90 is a he. They don't bother to fix the mistake. They only point it out. Don't point it out, fix it. Don't contradict each other. Oh, by the way, I think it's better to call Pharaoh 90 an "it".
That's only one example of how they contradict each other through out the site. One writes one thing, then one of the others adds their ideas, and comments on the ideas of the first writer. This wouldn't be a bad idea while they were first developing the page. They could have used it check over each other's work. However, once it is posted on the web they should should have decided what was right, and what was wrong. Don't contradict, it only ends up to be confusing, leaving the visitor wondering who is actually right.
Overall I feel this site has much more potential, but only if the owners spend the time to fix up the layout problems and spend a lot of time proof reading.


I don't know what Cere's talking about; the other sites weren't nearly as bad on loading time as this one. This page is a lethal RAM sucker- it'll suck the RAM out before you can say "uhhh...?" I DO have a novel too. It's not my first in my reviews, but it might be my longest! First off, why the HECK are there so many pictures on the front page!? There don't NEED to be! RAM sucker! Put them on DIFFERENT pages in DIFFERENT sections. Nearly EVERY SINGLE character to ever appear in the manga is listed on the front page, and EVERY ONE has a picture- that's not mentioning the miscellaneous sections that have pictures too!
Each page has a weird class of background colors and font, so you might get a page with readable font, others with nasty looking font. Most pages have one huge picture at the top and font beneath, some have a couple of huge pictures with font.
The front page claims to take the stuff from the French manga- unfortunately the page demonstrates that these people don't care about the French manga, they use the French names, the Japanese names, and the dubbed names everywhere, calling Michiru "Michiru" at one point then "Mylene" at another. They call the senshi "scouts", they use "Negaforce", and what is with this? I didn't know you COULD screw up even more than DIC/Japanese. The entire page also mixes up the manga and anime (whatever versions they've been watching) together without distinction.
The "Fake Romantic Items" page is messed up, pairing every single senshi with another character from another anime, who cares if they're already with someone? "Theories" or "The Page of Randomness" is stupid. "What if there were zodiac scouts?" or "* The Cross Over Theory Have you read Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi? You remember Kasumi and Nabiki Tendo, the two elder Tendo girls who you never see? Well, what if they were Sailor Senshi?" Um, so what if they were?
The "Transformations" page is seriously messed up too. First there's the "Sailor Soldiers" in their "everyday appearance"; then comes "basic transformation. To achieve this, Olivia here would say "Saturn Power, Make-Up!" (Though Olivia was previously Ottavia on another page.) "and we get: [a manga Saturn pic] . In this incarnation, the Sailors all have their basic powers, in Saturn's case, Death Ribbon Revolution." "Third comes the "advanced" basic transformation. There's no costume change, so I won't have a picture. This transformation is effected by a version of the phrase "Mars Planet Power! Make-Up!"." Next is the "super transformation." "This incarnation has more advanced attacks that require props, such as Mercury Aqua Rhapsody." Then comes the "eternal" transformations: "This incarnation seems to use the prior attacks, such as World Shaking. The transformation is achieved by saying some variation of "Uranus Princess Power! Make-Up!"" The last stage is "the Princess incarnation. Everyone wears a fancy gown in her specific color: . They don't need to say anything to effect this incarnation."
"What If - an Interview with Sevrine Meio" demonstrates again how they mess up the names (not to mention being totally pointless). They used "Setsuna" before, now it's "Sevrine". "Time in Sailor Moon" is again screwed up, claiming "In the case of Sailor Moon, it seems to ascribe to the "Circle Theory", one most commonly seen in Native American mythology. This theory states that time runs in a circle or spiral, with everything reoccuring endlessly." "First off is the whole reincarnation theory. The fact that the Senshi are living out the live that they screwed up previously says a great deal, as well as giving new meaning to the phrase "he who fails to learn history is damned to repeat it"." What the heck? They didn't screw up, they were killed! Plus they don't LIVE their past lives, they live their PRESENT lives. Then in bright yellow font which kills your eyes: "In the end of the story ends up in an alternate reality. When Sailor Moon fixes everything they end up in a diferent future all together. It is like a book I read called ONE by Richard Bach, which had the whole premice that at every situation the decision branches off into two different futures. That is why Crystal Tokyo is ruled by Queen Serenity and King Endemion. It is a different world than the one they started out in. Plus since Sailor Moon is eternal I.E. imortal there is no need for age and time anyway, unless she wants it. This is why Chibi-Usa can be 903 and still look like she is nine. Confusing, but interesting..." Confusing? No wonder! I'd be confused too if I had no idea what I was talking about! The "Mythology" page isn't so bad, even though it makes a lot of twists and leaps to try to make allusions (like the "triad" thing and the Hindu thing). Here, there's also "Manoru" for "Darien" and "Mamoru".
The info pages are for the most part messed up. A couple are okay, just because they don't say anything so don't have the chance to screw up. The following are lines from different pages I thought demonstrated how much work this page needs. There are a lot more bad lines and information, but well, this gives you a pretty good idea of the general overall wrongness to the info.
Sailor Senshi Pages: Bunny's page has "Mamaru". The intro to Bunny/Serena/whatever is alright, until it reaches "Well she didn't untill she saw this cute guy named Tuxedo Mask who she thinks, and soon finds out, is sworn to protect her." That's not right. The owners think AMY is the most shortchanged of the senshi, trying to explain that opinion and doing so poorly. Rei's page is screwed up, both info and personality description, plus it changes from Rei to Raya -_-; Uranus's page says that "When She first comes in, in Sailor Moon S, She maskarades as a man to spy on the school that Olivia goes to" as if they're just "spying" on Olivia. The opinions, especially the last on the page, demonstrate that these girls have no idea what they're talking about. They claim weird relationships between the Inners and Outers: Minako and Haruka both are alike because they're both blondes (but not in the manga), and Pluto and Jupiter both have green, and Saturn and Mars are both the most powerful. "Sailor Saturn is the ultimate force. Without her, there is no change." What does that mean? There's been change in the world of SM WITHOUT Saturn. Yaten: "I think that Yaten looks a bit like a cat. Luna certainly thinks so - he's one of the two humans that she falls briefly in love with. Most people would actually term Yaten "the obnoxious one". I can see how they'd get this impression, but I think that he's more shy than obnoxious. Of course, I may be wrong. I don't really know much about Yaten". I think that speaks for itself... Jupiter: "The strong, practical, and extremely romantic sailor scout." I think that's rather contradictory. "She was in a gang, she fought viciously, and (in the Japanese manga) even smoked." That's wrong. "As a scout, Sailor Jupiter falls into the role of "Queen's Own". This means that she is the personal protector of the Moon Princess. This is easily seen in both the anime and the manga. She's almost always with Bunny and usually is saving her." What? EVERYONE saves Usagi/Sailormoon! And in the anime, Mars is the one who shines through the most! "The manga Lita, however, is romantic. This means that she dreams of true love, knights in shining armor, castles anddragons and the whole bit, but is not activly searching for love." Which is why she's always fantasizing over being a bride and falling in love...? ChibiChibi: "It is because of ChibiChibi that everything finally works out in the end. What a talented little girl!" It's not all because of her! And it has nothing to do with talent!
Non-Senshi: "I think that Fobos and Demos are fairly interesting characters, especially since Mars is then the only sailor senchii who has her own sailor protectresses. (well besides Moon and MiniMoon) They are the begining of the wild influx of thousands of other sailor scouts" Contrary to popular belief, Phobos and Deimos are NOT Sailor Senshi. "There's a great scene in volume 12 where he [Pegasus] kisses Mini Bunny as a horse (sounds gross, I know) and turns himself back into a human. Ah! I'm such a sap." "Pegasus in human form is Prince Helios of the dream world." "Helios is also "Sailor Sun" much as Tuxedo Mask is "Sailor Earth"." First, Helios isn't a prince, and secondly, why compare him to a senshi when he's not? "A humourous point in the NA dub is that they call him Sammy but his hat says Shingo. ^_~" Yeah, it's hilarious, like how this page calls Celia, Setsuna, then Sevrine. Melvin: "Interesting to note is that he also appears in Code Name Sailor V." No, he doesn't, that's someone else. Whoever Mamoru is: "Tuxedo Mask doesn't quite know who he is until he gets killed a couple times. He was the Prince of the Earth or, if you like, he was "Sailor Earth", but I would not like to see him in the little sailor senshi uniform."
Villains: "Queen Matalia never laughs, she just looms." "Jadiete: In their past life, before he was turned evil, Mars was engaged to him. I guess she was still sore about how things panned out." "Xi and Fi", "The Animal Maids", I like how "Pharoah 90"'s page calls him/it a girl, then the writer's friend corrects her but doesn't change the page anyway. For some reason, they like Zoicite, who they call "her", though saying in the originals he's a male, and they hate anyone else who is evil, like Rubeus. Uh, I don't get it. "In the manga it is implied that he and Amy were engaged, but I'm not positive." Neflyte: "I came to the conclusion that he did not have to work up to an evil laugh because he was stupid, but rather because he really wanted to do a friendly chuckle." Kaolinite: "Personaly I think its Elivra's bad influence that turns Tomoe demonic, because he's not such a bad guy. If you leave out the whole Mistress nine thing, he's been a very good father to Olivia." In Diamond's page, they go into about not trusting "chucklers" like Diamond. Malachite: "In the anime Kunzite's appearence is enough to horrify anyone. He wears the typical Negaverse uniform, except he seems to have lost the button to his tunic so that it flops open reaveling his "manly chest". To add to the horror he has doctored up his suit with a cheap cape, maybe for a more impressive appearence." "The Malachite of the manga is a horse of a different color. He is the leader of the four generals and has absolutly no interest in Zoistite. However in the past he and Sailor Venus were terribly in love. Of course then he was brainwashed and turned evil." Wiseman: "He is responsable for brainwashing Chibi-Usa and Manoru. He also amplefys the evilness in Prince Diamond.He is as dispicable as he should be." Mnemosyne and Lethe are mixed up.

Basically, this page needs LOTS of work. Fixing the set-ups isn't too hard, but the info needs *tons* of modifications.

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