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  May 1999

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JupiterPrincess84's Sailor Moon Web-Site and Club

Here's Why:

  • Direct Link Pics
  • Useless Frames/No-Frames Page
  • Slow Loading
  • Incorrect, hard to read information
  • It's on Talk City... that shouldn't be held against the site owner, but those pop-ups!

Positives About The Page:

  • Attempt at original character profiles
   Nominated by: The Kawaii Vulpix



This page takes so long to load, I'm afraid I'll make myself hoarse singing the "Loading Song"! Actually I have an idea... [puts on the tape] Loading, loading, loading... [rewinds and plays it a few more times]
I have to say I REALLY dislike "Splash" Pages or "Frame-choice" Pages that take forever to load. What could be more pointless than a page that's only purpose is to choose between frames or no frames that take forever to load?! There is no real information on it, there is nothing to do till you get to the index, so what's the point of filling it with pictures, wasting not only your webspace but vistors' time? Let me rephrase that. I just noticed all the pics are direct linked to Bianca's Sailor Moon Gallery, so it doesn't waste JupiterPrincess84's web space, just Bianca's Bandwidth! This type of page needs only two things, the title of the page, and the two choices (frames/no frames).
Okay, I decided on the frames page, at least I thought it was the frames page. There isn't any frames here! Which makes the opening page even more pointless! More long loading from too many pics and most of them also being direct linked doesn't help. Let me try the the non-frames...
While I'm waiting, a side note, The Talk City Pop-up has to be the mother of bad free web space provider pop-ups! This thing gets in your way more than any pop-up I have ever run into! It even spawns two separate, unique pop-ups! My next suggestion, move this page to some other server!
The so-called non-frames page is a lot faster loading, but only because the design comes from someone else. I'll give points for having original character profiles, but there are some mix-ups and errors here and there, and the backgrounds are very hard to read against.
Sorry, I can't review this anymore! After years of doing this, it takes a lot for me not to go through a whole site, but, the combination of direct linked, slow loading pics and that Talk City pop-up is driving me loopy!


This is the site that deserves the Loading Song. The entrance page alone is enough to make me cringe. There's no need for several huge pictures to be on a page that's being used to funnel people to a different entrance.
Entering the page, the loading continues. Way too much stuff clutters the page. I'll admit that the background is a nice picture of Makoto, but it makes a lousy background image. The top half of the page discusses the author's web-ring, linking, web contests (a half dozen of them) and giving thanks for images that were made.
I would say that you could read the profile pages across the room if it wasn't for the unreadable background they're on. The information on them is just screwy: mixed up DiC and Japanese info, misnamed attacks, spelling mistakes around every corner, you get the idea. Not even the basic canned stats are correct in places!


I'm slow... I came in after the owner made some changes. I think she's cut down on the direct links to other sites even though they are still there. Her setup isn't all that bad, except for the fact that her non frames setup is taken from another page (which she links directly to, but I guess since Lycentia is part of Free the Images campaign, she won't mind) that the site offers.
Annoying java popups.. grr... not her fault though.. still.. Recommendation: don't get a page on this provider. Or if you happen to visit it, turn off your Javascript, which is what I did after getting the pop-ups popping up EVERY time I entered a new page (unlike Tripod or Geocities, which stay put in the background or minimized) plus some pop-ups for tampons or something.
The info on SM is really bad, the highlight of the entire page. For the over all summary, she mixes NASM info with Japanese info but can't even get the NASM info right. For instance, she says "Prince Endymion" and "Princess Serenity" are captured by Beryl of the Negaverse. The grammar throughout the page is HORRIBLE. Saturn's page is so screwed up, it's not even funny. One, Hotaru didn't get in a car accident and died from it; two, Tomoe doesn't bring forth Mistress 9 out of the blue to take over her body; three the memories don't destroy Mistress 9 and Hotaru; four, after Hotaru is reborn, she's returned to her father, not the Outers; five, Hotaru doesn't go to Crossroads Junior High. Since when has "Neptuen" been named Michelle; liked meat strips; had Neptune Tidal Wave Submerge; gone to "Tojyo High School"; and gotten along with the other scouts when "in uniform"? Uranus is not named Alex; does not have Uranus Meteor Strike; does not ever say Neptune's new at this "scout stuff" since Uranus is "newer" than Neptune; and Uranus doesn't "fight with" the other senshi/scouts/whatever in SMS.
The set-up for the profiles pages (except Mars and Jupiter) are horrible, scroll down down down down down because all the text is on the left side. I'm not sure I understand the Inner Scout info since it doesn't make any sense, just the writer trying to be creative by making up BS for each scout to say and sound stupid (for instance, now the Negaverse knows Amy Anderson can be a superhero just like Amy Anderson herself. Whee.) The best lines of all the profiles are from Sailor Pluto's page: "I have to stay there [at the Cosmic Time Warp] for eternity, but I get to go to school with the other scouts!" and "I am the oldest of the Sailor Scouts because I have already graduated high school! The time warp can be a real snoozer! But somebody's got to do it!" Though a line from Jupiter's is pretty good too: "Lots of people are afraids to try new things, but I think it's electrifying!!" Venus's canned quotes come from the back of DIC cards: "I was feeling pretty shakey about being the new Sailor Scout on the block! Fitting in isn't always easy, and I thought the Scouts might not want someone new around. But it turned out they'd been waiting for me all along to make our team complete." I wonder exactly when the heck anyone would ever call Mina a "goody two-shoes", high school, junior high, or otherwise.
The image gallery is shoddily set up too with the same darn picture of Venus repeated many times. Each individual gallery is littered with full sized pictures that are scattered about. If she scanned ANY of the images on her page or used in the layout, I'll eat CereCere's hat.
Curiosity got the better of me. I checked moonprincess84, venusprincess84, marsprincess84, and mercuryprincess84. Lo and behold, moonprincess84 and venusprincess84 are basically the same exact sites that link directly to the same stuff offered at jupiterprincess84 with only different corner layouts. mercuryprincess84 was a joke, she introduces herself as venusprincess (what the heck ARE you anyway? venus, jupiter, what?!) which says: "WHAT I LOOK FOR IN OTHER PEOPLE : I look for anyone who loves hentai free anime! THINGS I LIKE: SAILOR MOON and any other hentaiFREE anime. THINGS I DON'T LIKE: HENTAI!!!" I'm glad we know the owner of the page so intimately now...


Mou...since everyone else basically reviewed the site for me (especially JunJun-san, maa ne...that was a long review) I'm just going to babble as I take a lovely trip throughout this lovely webpage. :P First off, it didn't load slow for me at all. Maybe it's because I'm writing this at 10 AM. Anyhoo...the first page I went to was the Saturn profile, and I giggled and chuckled at the silliness. Hotaru died in a car accident eh? Jupiter has managed to confuse Hotaru with Mamoru's parents. I can see how someone Pluto's page...umm....I won't even get to that.
Okay, now time to tell you something that bugs me. I don't like those sidebar images that you can get for free from some sites. It just screams newbie-dom to me. I realize not everyone has the talent to do pretty graphics, but instead of taking the time or investment to do it, you are sacrificing originality.
Man, there's nothing more cliche than a bad page linking even more bad pages.
Hentai Free...*snicker* I know I'm not the only one who thinks Hentai Free is an oxymoron. What do they think hentai is? Hentai Free talks about keeping the internet free from profanity and from immoral stuff. Well, according to most moral leaders, homosexuality and references to the antichrist aren't exactly moral. Don't get me wrong...there's nothing wrong with wanting to make a lil group of clean sites for young people to view, but the web isn't all young people and neither are Sailormoon fans. BUT! That has nothing to do with anything. I'll save the Hentai Free rant for another place date and time. :P

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