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  April 1999

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JAmesw's Flower Squad Place

Here's Why:

  • Bandwidth Thief, knows it, and even claims to be the best one ever.
  • Page is very poorly setup.
  • Info is also stolen.

Positives About The Page:

  • In a word, NOTHING!
   Nominated by: Green Mako, Scarlett, Sayloraqua, MoonBrat, Miaka, and more...



I could start by saying that this is the absolute worst Sailor Moon page I have ever seen in four years of being on the internet. I could say that, but I won't for one reason only, this guy wants to be the worst Sailor Moon page on the net! The page has it all... bad backgrounds (which are stolen), huge text (copied and pasted from other sites, award pics which he didn't win, profiles which are nothing more than the basic stats we have all come to be bored by, and of course long loading times (mainly from all the bandwidth this thing sucks up).
I actually wrote the owner of this site a few weeks ago, asking him to remove the direct-linked pics he has on the site. I wrote him because one of these pics was one of our "Best Award" banners. (Note: I said WAS, since we have now taken care of that ^_-) I didn't receive a reply, but I have heard from several people about how they wrote him, received a flame response, and then suddenly started receiving several emails from online services he was signing them up for!
Some of you might be asking, "Why are we even bothering to give this person the attention he obviously wants?" Well we felt it was important to inform everyone about this site so they could avoid it, plus we wanted inform the people he is stealing from.


Oh my, this one is a barrel of laughs. The index page consists of a banner background with large text and more stolen awards banners then you can shake a stick at (including the AQ best award).
I found the page of flames to be rather amusing, not because of the topic, but this statement at the end: " Pleae see that they are liars and they should [sic] be trusted, look how they made up all those words and sent them to me. If it ain't in the dictinary [sic] it ain't a word!" Oh yes, they should be trusted, I'm pleased to see that we agree on that point. I'll pass up on the easy quips that could be made at the misspelling of dictionary.
I do agree with Cere's opinion that they are trying to be bad, because it's hard to be this horrible on accident. When I try to think of something good about this page, the only thing that comes to mind is the stolen material. Or perhaps the page of flamed, since that does show some fairly well done flames (no cursing, stating what you want and why you want it, etc).


Well, this page steals every type of award there is and puts them one after another on the main page for loading hell. Huge font, gigantic font, icky font. Front page copies off of Hitoshi Doi's page and useless facts from the ESMG. There are some huge images on the profiles, the image gallery is all broken links, and the guy apparently steals from a great deal many other websites (which are listed in the 'losers' area).


I've got three words about this page: Lovely, LoVeLY, Lovely!--oh...wait...I meant THIS F*****G SUX.
Okay, I got that out of my system...this is the absolute WORST page I have ever seen in my life. I am trying to be the voice of reason, but I can't when this site sux so much. I don't know whether he's trying to get attention or not--because it *is* very hard to be this bad. But let's say he isn't doing it purposely, well then he's a liar, a thief, and everything the internet does NOT need, but also neither does the rest of humanity. Time for PallaPalla's Top Ten List!
10. He has stolen awards from every single site, including the ESMG, us, the SM Zone, and countless other sites.
9. Not only did he steal the images, but he's stealing their bandwidth as well (altho, Janelle Jimenez of the ESMG has made it a point to change all her image names so now big 'YOU ARE A THIEF' images come up instead.)
8. Don't you like how he ripped off Hitoshi Doi's page and replaced all the kanji with ???'s?
7. Stolen information--Useless Sailor Scout Facets look strangely like the ESMG's Useless Facts.
6. All other info is also ripped off other pages.
5. The entire thing is written in font size 7, which is ridiculous.
4. Even if the awards WERE legit, they clutter up his front page.
3. That MIDI is stolen from another site as well. I bet they don't appreciate that.
2. Spelling mistakes up the ass.
1. Pretty Tulip isn't even his idea! It's stolen from another site!
All the fanart that this child has supposedly drawn was also stolen, a fact which was given to me through a friend. So basically, absolutely nothing on this page is original--it's just a nexus of stupidity. Given the fact that this site was probably done on purpose, it is also the greatest show of immaturity I have possibly ever seen in life.
After seeing the sheer pointlessness and idiocy of this site, I begin to believe that maybe Darwin made a mistake.

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