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  July 1999

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Sailor Doom's SMoon Gattaca

Here's Why:

  • A former Runner-up (Nov 1998) who improved and then took a BIG nose dive.
  • Really messed up information, speculates on things obviously doesn't know.
  • Long loading in the Picture Galleries due to improper thumbnails.

Positives About The Page:

  • No direct-linking
  • Layouts work fine
   Nominated by: Jupe, Gretchie, and several others



"This is page is best to be viewed in Netscape and on a 78 inch computer screen."
78 inches?!?!? Don't tell me I have to borrow that big TV in Times Square, New York City just to view this page!
Anyway, this is a page that we reviewed as a "Runner-Up" back in November of last year. The following month it was marked as "Improved" because it fixed a lot of the things we covered in the first review. However, since then it has taken a backslide and is now even worse than when we first reviewed it.
There is a lot of Dic mixing of the info, which includes made-up names for the outer senshi. This site also tries to turn the obvious into little known facts. For example on the "What is Sailor Moon" Page:
"Darrien and Serena end up marrying each other towards the end of the series but were already married in the future weird isn't it."
Yep, it's really werid that they get married and several years later they are still married. Divorce might be a little more common now a days, but to have a long lasting marriage still isn't "werid".
Then there is the lovely "X SMoon Files". On that page, the site owner admits to seeing:
"Only Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R prt1 and Sailor Moon R prt2"
So why is she speculating on what happens with characters that don't appear until in SMS or beyond? She shouldn't even be trying to answer questions like:
"Why is Alexdria, The Starlight's, Zoicite and Fish eye consider to be men instead of women?"
Especially when "Alexdria" (her name for Uranus) is a woman, but is only mistaken for a man. Also Uranus hasn't been made a man (at least not yet) in any official English Translation of the anime or manga. Also, FishEye is always a man, he's a bit of a cross dresser, but is still physically a male. The creator of the page is giving into some of the dumb rumors that have been floating around about what Dic might do if it ever dubbed SMS or SMSS. She treats them like it has really been done. A tip, if you haven't seen it, don't write on it. It only gets you in trouble later.
Generally, the profiles sections were passable, and at least include original write-ups on each character. There are a lot of mistakes here and there, plus a ton of Dic/Japanese mixing, but nothing like the "X SMoon Files", or the "What is Sailor Moon" pages.
As for the picture galleries, well...
[loud, out of tune, guitar chord]
Loading, loading, Loading!!!
That's right, no thumbnails, just full-sized pics, resized with HTML code so you still have to wait forever to see what the galleries contain. At least there isn't any direct linking.
Generally, I am really disappointed with this site. When we first reviewed it, I thought it had a lot of potential to become a fairly decent Sailor Moon page. However, after taking another look at it, I think it still has some potential, but I wonder if it will ever live up to that potential.


Blue text on a blue background, now how come Cere or Palla didn't say anything about that? She must have added it since. Anyway, once I highlighted everything I managed to find my way around.
There have been a lot of changes to this page since Cere and Palla reviewed it. Some of the things they covered was removed from the site, however some still remain. There are also things they didn't mention, for example, Sailor Doom claims Sailormoon went on the air in 1994. It might be a bit picky, but it really went on the air in 1992. The Smoon X-files page is still on this site, and every bit of it is still very werid. The only correct thing here is how Darien/Mamoru's parents died in a car accident. Everything else is pure speculation. FishEye isn't female in any version of the story, Haruka isn't a male in any version of the story and poor old 'Zoisite' is only female in the English versions of the story. There was no "behind the scenes" attempt to balance out the amount of female characters VS. male characters.
In some ways this site is impressive. It is quite large, and covers a few characters many pages never ever touch. However, in other ways it leaves me scratching my head. I wonder how can she know all these characters, but can't get many of the details correct. A lot of the information is twisted and altered to fit the english adaption. Other parts either never happened, or are just plain confusing and difficult to read.


The smoonxfiles page has a lot of lovely bad info on it. It says that Hotaru's "mum" died in a car crash; a big deal is made out of Darien's parents when we're told and we see what happens to them; the owner claims that since rabbits have red eyes and white fur, Chibi-usa must be an albino (say what?); there's some BS about how Haruka, Fisheye, and the Starlights are considered men when Haruka and the Starlights damn well aren't while Fisheye has always been a male and an equally BS and confusing explanation as to why that is; and the last question asks why the Outers don't have boyfriends, missing the obvious that Haruka and Michiru are lesbians, and THAT'S why they don't have boyfriends! The info and pics page has an annoying animated gif. The scouts pages calls everyone a scout - Inner, Outer, Sidekick- and an annoying large gif. Like Ves, things were changed when I arrived. There weren't any Outer Scout names, but there's still a lot of bad stuff left, such as the fact that Haruka and Michiru are "friends", and Michiru is distraught by enemies nearby or something. My nitpicky point: Gakuen means "school" or "academy", so there's no point in saying "Mugen Gakuen School" or "Mugen Gakuen High". You're just saying "Infinity School School" or "Infinity School High." Hotaru's sections is screwed up because it claims that she's secretly Mistress 9 but hides it from everyone; she plays with "Reeny at school"; and that even though her bad powers go away, Mistress 9 remains and gives her fits or something. You know, Phobos and Deimos are guardians, they're not senshi or scouts, nor are the cats, so don't put them there, and don't make up BS profiles for the crows. The Starlights are women, not men, according to the profile, and they appear in the SailorStars movie to defeat Galaxia. "Reeny Usa" is "lucky" to have crushes on three different guys? You can have a crush on anyone, how is that lucky? There's a lot more screwed up stuff everywhere and they feature NASM mixed with original anime info and manga info. The powers page has some good powers, some badly named powers, some manga powers, and some made-up powers, complete with animated gifs for each of the main senshi. Musicals info is wrong; for some obscure reason, everytime the owner tells you to go visit another page, there's no link. The info about the Sailor V manga is really weird- most people *should* know that Sailor V came first *before* Sailormoon, and that's why there's a series to her. The cast page mixes more Japanese and NASM stuff; really, all the character names aren't impressive since if you have any manga translations, Hitoshi Doi's summaries, and fansubs, that should be easy to do since those resources do it for you; I highly suspect that's what she did as it's impossible for anyone who knows Japanese to get so many things wrong. Besides that, her "Little Known Cast" has people who appear only *once*; they're not really important except for the one episode they appear in. As for the picture gallery, the owner says that the LD covers are CD covers; each page takes forever to load as the thumbnails aren't thumbnails; and some pictures are labeled things like "Corrine Kisses Serena". The villains page is pretty messily set-up; the info is pretty horrid as well, such as by claiming Mistress 9 goes to Earth and keeps it a secret she's Mistress 9, then becomes Sailor Saturn after she's worn down by the scouts. Among other things on the SailorStars page, Lethe and "Memory" (which is not her name) "Some how they turned into friendly girls which is unlikely." What does THAT mean? One of the most interesting lines was "Pallas is like Sailor Mercury." The profiles are all pretty much bad, I'm not sure how the owner made most of this up. Again, NASM, Japanese anime, and manga info are swirled together with a good dose of made-up fantasy on the part of the site owner. The dictionary isn't too bad, as it's just regurgitating the info given on the other pages, the owner often does get a lot of things right. How I don't know, probably the owner was relying a lot on Hitoshi Doi's encyclopedia. The About Sailor Moon Page has a lot of weird info on it. It says that the story of Sailormoon "Sounds familiar (Sabrina the teenage witch)" even though that's totally irrelevant; "Did you know Serena is too young to have a child in the present but older to have one in the future with Darrien" even though that makes no sense, as she can physically have a child in the present and of course adults make more suitable parents than teenagers depending on maturity levels (as the Outers are good parents for Hotaru in the SuperS manga); I don't know much about the Japanese school system, but somehow I seriously doubt that everyone goes to school at 7 AM and then leave school at 7:30 - 8 PM; Setsuna doesn't *wear* a uniform to school; and there's something about how Neo-Queen Serenity and Darien "On earth in Tokyo they were just lovers and they traveled to other cities in America like San Francisco and New York." I remember that this page was pretty bad when we first reviewed it, but I haven't seen much improvement since then. This review might even be longer than the last one!


This site is pretty bad, but it doesn't seem fair to me to review it again as Worst of the Month--but then again, it did go downhill. When you first come onto the site, you see a fairly average design with no reaon pluses or minuses--it works, it's clean, it loads fairly fast. There needs to be some changes to the positioning of the tables on the profile pages. There's odd bits of information here and there, about how Darrien can heal people...About Michiru & Haruka: "They may look like they love each other in the series and share a close relationship. But that dosen't mean anything besides a long friendship that may never disappear." THEY ARE LESBIANS! Stop trying to deny the facts! It's even been said straight out by Takeuchi Naoko herself that they're lesbians! Okay, well anyways. Okay, the author also makes the assumption that Sailoruranus' "detransforming" scene was unique to her when I'm under the impression that's how EVERYONE detransforms. The author also doesn't know Japanese and tries to pretend she knows the definitions of things. Apparently, Hino Rei means: Sprirt and Beauty of Fire. Hmm, did YOU count five kanji characters in Rei's name? I didn't...Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but it's a pet peeve of mine when people pretend they know things they don't. OoH! Remember my PallaPalla parody page?! Here's ANOTHER person who says, "The fire inside the temple acts as a detector to seek out any danger that is near them." The Fire isn't some sort of alarm system! The name Princess Fireball drives me insane, it's Kakyuu. Oh, and if you are going to use DIC names, you can at least spell them right. It's Raye, not Ray. Oh! And Holly, Alexandria, and Michelle. *sighs* There are no DIC names for them, Mixx uses the Japanese names and the ones that appeared on dolls seem to be names no one likes using. What's even worse is if you switch from one fake name to another. One minute Holly is Sailorsaturn and the next minute, "Tomeo is the leader of the Death Busters. He is out to get Pharaoh 90 to earth. In a lab explosion Christine was killed but he wished her to remain alive and well."
The Guide to Juubangi is stolen seems a bit fishy for the reason that for someone who knows so little about the series, she sure can name specific places like Ichinohashi Park.
"Kaolinite is a women that looks like a witch. Kaolinite has green death skin that looks disgusting." Er, seems more like a witch that looks like a woman. What kind of television are YOU watching? Green skin?! Someone get Kaolinite some a barf bag. "She [Mimete] uses ducks to grab heart crystals and give them to her to put in her staff." Hm. Riiiiiiiight. *giggles* that's a great mental image! "Viluy is a computer freak." I was thinking computer program, personally. "She is plan to uses a computers to take heart crystals. She poses as a computer student at Cross Road high" Wrong school, chief. "They [Cyprine & Puchirol] went to Cross Road high and took heart crystals from students there." Once again, wrong school. Well, that's all the nitpicking I'm going to do. I'll let VesVes and JunJun do the rest.

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