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February 2000

Old Reviews for February 2000

Now Down
Page: Sailor Galaxia's Dimension of Pure Evil
Creators: Sailor Galaxia
Comment: Completely rips off the villains section of Silver Moonlight, including copied and pasted text, and code.

Now Down
Page: Mercury Bubbles
Creator: ?
Comment: Anti-right click scripts protecting direct-linked, bandwidth stealing pics. Info sections just usless stats sheets.

Page: The Moon Kingdom
Creator: xgirrl
Comment: Direct-linked, bandwidth stealing pics. Info sections are a brief werid summary of the first season and part of the last season, plus usless stats sheets. Does it sound like I'm repeating myself here a bit?

Page: sailormoon and DBZ
Creator: greneday
Comment: Was Long loading, also Direct-linked movie and sound files.
UPDATE: It has since dropped the direct links, and has promised a new, better site in the near future.

April 2000

Old Reviews for April 2000

Now Down
Page: The Secrit Chibichibi Realm of Kawainess
Creators: ChibiChibi101
Comment: Rips of a lot of stuff from another ChibiChibi site while claiming all of the material belongs to this site's owner. Abuses include direct-linked pics, plus copied and pasted texts.

Page: sailor moon heaven
Creator: aPHRoDiTe
Comment: Up and down writting through out (if you don't know what I mean, check out how the creator's name is written above), poor organization, and version mixing in the info.

May 2000

Old Reviews for May 2000

Now Down
Page: Realm of the Crystalstars
Creator: Kristen Petty - Well she's not really "the creator", but she does own the webspace.
Comment: If you didn't guess by the comment under "creator", this site was ripped off, lock, stock, and barrel from another site.

Page: Sailor Mar's Cherry Hill Temple
Creator: Karen
Comment: Rips of the old layout from Eternal Sailormoon Heaven, Direct links files, and lots of broken links. The email doesn't work either, it appears February 6th will be the last update ever for this site.

July 2000

Old Reviews for July 2000

Now Down
Page: Sailor Earth s Domain
Creator: Amara
Comment: Sailor Earth's Domain actually is someone else's domain for the most part. Most sections of her site are actually only links to sections on other sites. In short, the whole thing is stolen.

Page: Super Sailor Sun's Temple of Sailors (Senshi) [Gee say that five times fast!]
Creator: Sailor Sun, or Princess Kakyuu
Comment: Direct linked several pics from various sites and failed to even credit or link them. UPDATE: Has scrapped the old layout and put up a new one that does not direct-link. We haven't given the site an "Improved" marking, because there isn't much there yet. The only "open" section only leads to a 404.

Now Down
Page: What You Didn't Know About Sailormoon
Creator: The "Original" Chibi Chibi
Comment: Had a lot of incorrect information and was taken down almost right after the review was posted.

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