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January 2001

Old Reviews for January 2001

Page: Animated Gif Gallery
Creator: ?
Comment: This one could be crowned Direct-linking site of the year! But then again, it's only January.

Now Down
Page: Outer Senshi Realm
Creator: xhotarusanx
Comment: More direct-linking, not as bad as the first site for January, but still direct linked. Unfortnately the site went down, instead of just removing the stolen material. Which also leaves another problem, a prime domain is now tied up, but with no site on it.

Now Down
Page: Moony Central
Creator: Moonprincess23
Comment: Appears to be either a misguided plan to get more SM on TV, or a money making scam. You pick which one you think it is...

Now Down
Page: Sailor Moon Power
Creator: Serena
Comment: Could easily qualify as a Worst of the Month, it just narrowly missed. Stolen materials, incorrect info, bad layout, long loading, and some offensive statements all rolled into one.

May 2001

Old Reviews for May 2001

Page: Negasis Tokyo
Creator: Mistress Darklight
Comment: Lots of badly written bios and info sections. Update: The owners decided during May to open a new site where they will fix the problems, and so far the things they have fixed are a nice improvement. However, for some reason, they will be keeping their original, bad site, up. So we could mark their new site as improved, but the old one that we actually reviewed is still there... what to do, what to do...

Now Down
Page: SAiLor MaRs
Creator: ?
Comment: Lots of direct linking, very very basic info, part of which is wrong.

Now Down
Page: Sailor Moon System
Creator: Sailor-Shell
Comment: Extremely bad layouts with computer crashing javascripts, overuse of splash pages, and incorrect info. Update: She's currently working on a re-design which already is a huge improvement over the old layout, but still needs some work.

July 2001

Old Reviews for July 2001

Now Down
Page: Sailor Moon Paradise
Creator: Navi
Comment: Stole just about all of it's content from another site called Senshi Bliss. She has since apologized for stealing.

Now Down
Page: Sailor Cry Destiney's Sailor Moon
Creator: Sailor Cry Destiney
Comment: This one stole ALL of it's material through direct-linking graphics from Lycentia's Graphics site.

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