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Creator: Naiensama
General Info: A large collection of Sailormoon Images
References: SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist

KatC's Sailormoon Goodies
Creator: KatC
General Info: One of the largest sites for SM games, Windows Desktop Materials, pics, and merchandise information.
References: Entertainment Special, SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist

Lyric Moon
Creator: Catherine Li
General Info: An archive of SM Song Lyrics, monologues and more. Includes Japanese, Cantonese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish lyrics.
References: SMPCA2 (Nov. 1998): Finalist, Multimedia Category, SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist

Manga Style!
Creator: Michelle
General Info: Manga Pics, including some pics and notes from the art books, some nice Sailormoon manga Clipart, HTML and graphics help, and more.
References: Best of November 1998, SMPCA3 (1999) Winner, Second Look: October 2001

Sailor Moon - Comic City
Creator: (Unknown)
General Info: Large screen shot gallery, links, character vote, and some brief info summaries.
Reference: Best of July 1997, Second Look: May 2000

The Sailor Moon Episode Center
Creator: nemesis
General Info: Extensive episode summaries, plus MP3s, mpegs and other multimedia files.
References: SMPCA4 (2000): Finalist, Miscellaneous Category, SMPCA5 (2001): Finalist, Miscellaneous Category

Creator: Michelle
General Info: For all your music needs! (I knew I should had been in advertising) Includes MP3, and MIDI downloads. Lyrics archives and a some information tossed in.
References: SMPCA2 (1998): Finalist, Multimedia Category, SMPCA5 (2001): Finalist, Multimedia Category

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