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  Second Look : May 2000

Sailor Moon - Comic City
Creator: ?
General Info: Large screen shot gallery, links, character vote, and some brief info summaries.
Reference: Best of July 1997



This site is one from waaaaaay back, called Comic City's Sailor Moon. Comic City as a whole is an anime portal, with links to several sites from different anime/manga, some anime news, and free webspace. Comic City also contains a few "mini" combo sites dedicated to Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Orange Road, Yu Yu Hakusho, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Sailor Moon. It was the SM "mini" combo we originally reviewed, so for the rest of this I'm going to stick to that section only.

Whoa... it still has our very original "Best" award banner on it! Boy that thing was ugly...

Even though we no longer have the original review, I can tell you this site has changed very little since we reviewed it. It still has the same layout, and the same graphics. I think the only new addition is a "Favorite Character Vote" section. It's a little better than most character votes are. It lists a lot of the characters and it not only posts the current results, but some of the voters' comments as well.

The character sections are only on the "solar system" senshi + tux, and are very, very brief. This was a weakness we pointed out in our original review. However, it does try to make up for it by giving you links to profiles on some other sites. This is a nice tie in to Comic City's role as a portal, but to be honest, if you want info on the characters, this is not the site for you.

It does have some nice brief manga summaries, and the image gallery contains over 200 screen shots. But be warned: there are some gaps here. The manga summaries only go up to the end of SMR, and the screen shots only cover up to SMSS. Another gap is in the anime summaries, which only run up to SMS.

Now you may be asking at this point, why did we review this page as "best" back in 1997? Well looking back, 1997 was the year the series ended in Japan. Most English SM sites at the time depended on fansubs and other sources for their information, which in those days, were very slow to come out and get around. [now I'm feeling old] Because of this, even the best SM sites were far from complete, SailorStars had just finished in February, so hardly any site had anything on that, other than a list of the new characters. The SMSS season also was a bit of a mystery to many because the fansubs from that season were not easy to come by. Therefore, Comic City fit right in with the other sites at the time. The problem is, while other sites continued to update, and fill in the gaps, Comic City did not.

So, Comic City's Sailor Moon can no longer be considered that much of a source of good information since you can get so much more at other combo sites. However, I would still recommend it as a resource to those searching around for hard to find screen shots and links.

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