Entertainment Special


Sick of dealing with flames? Are you a Sailor Moon fan, that's feeling down in the dumps? Or do you just want a change of pace from the more serious Sailor Moon sites out there?

Well we have the thing for you!

No this isn't an info-mmerical, it's our Entertainment Special!
(Now wasn't that a werid, and stupid opening.)

Seriously though, the following pages contain a list of very unique Sailormoon sites. Some will make you laugh, and some have games, but all came from some pretty creative (all be it sometimes twisted) ideas. This feature will let you relax, say bye-bye to those blues, let your brain melt and much much more! Yes! It can do all that! Plus, fit under your bed for easy storage! Well, it will if you copy these HTML files to a disk.

Finally, we would like to take some time to thank all the people who have submitted sites to this feature. If anyone ever has any other sites with entertainment themes like the ones in this feature, please send them along to us through our Email .

This feature was created May 1999, last updated October 2001.

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