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Fanfiction Sites

The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction
Creator: John Hitchen (maintained by: Serenity and Scott)
General Info: Major SM Fanfiction Archive
References: Fanfiction Feature

Greenbean's Homepage
Creator: Greenbeans
General Info: Articles about fanfic writting, plus some fanart and fic libraries with the owner's own fics and personal favs
References: Fanfiction Feature

Kawaii Love
Creator: LadySpring16
General Info: A fanfic site focusing on the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru.
References: SMPCA4 (2000): Finalist - Misc. Category, Fanfiction Feature,

Sailor Moon Romance
Creator: Luna, Artemis, and Andrea Hui
General Info: Fanfics, fanart, Media files
References: Best of Feb. 1997, Fanfiction Feature, SMPCA2 (1998): Winner - Misc. Category, Second Look Nov. 1999

Sailor Orion's Refuge
Creator: Giseino Shinzui
General Info: One of the best fanfic and fan-senshi sites ever. Home to the Sailor Generator.
References: SMPCA5 (2001): Finalist - Misc. Category

Fanart Sites

KatC's Sailormoon Goodies
Creator: KatC
General Info: One of the largest sites for SM games, Windows Desktop Materials, pics, and merchandise information.
References: Entertainment Special, SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist

Cosplay Sites

Goldenquartz - The many facets of Tristen Citrine
Creator: Tristen Citrine
General Info: Cosplay website featuring various anime/video game costumes, con reports, links, message board
References: Other Anime Sites, Dec 2001

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