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Here, in no particular order, are some of the pages which help to find Fanfics or pages which gives you suggestions on how to write them. Below each link you will find a very brief review and description of each. Like our other features, we will add to this list as we find more pages and/or review more that fit this catagory.


Greenbean's Homepage

Creator:      Greenbeans


  • Contains several articles about fanfic writting in Essay/Rants Section
  • Also contains fanart, plus fic libraries containing owner's own fics and personal favorites

Sailor Orion's Refuge

Creator:      Sailor Orion


  • A resource for tips on how to create your own senshi for use in fics, RPGs, etc.
  • Includes the "Sailor Generator", where you can put all your ideas for a character together and print out a character sheet.
  • Also contains it's own Sailor Orion fanfic, with accompanying fanart, music, and other materials


The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction

Creator:      John Hitchen - maintained by "Serenity" & "Nephrite"


  • All fics are read by the site operators before they are posted, and only those the approve of are posted. (Hence the name of the site...)
  • Interview Section with SM fic authors.
  • Search for fics by author, senshi, season, title, category and even time period!
  • Includes "Top Ten" listing favorite fics of the site creator, and maintainers
  • Easy navigate with frames. Sure the design is a bit dated looking, but it's very easy to follow and quick to load.

Kawaii Love

Creator:      LadySpring16


  • A "themed" fanfic archive, focusing on fics about the relationship of Usagi and Mamoru.
  • Fics are organized by Authors, Occasions, Seasons, and title.
  • Includes the site owner's list of "favorite" fics.

A Sailor Moon Romance

Creator:      Andrea Hui and Sailor Skuld


  • Hands down, this is the largest of all SM Fanfic Archives.
  • The Fic archive is organized mainly by author name only. They have started a category index, but it's limited to only a very small amount of the fics.
  • Updates weekly (currently on Sundays).
  • Includes forums, fanart, romantic pictures, and romantic music sections.
  • Also includes 'Lemon' and 'Hentai' fics.

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