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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Creator: Hitoshi Doi
General Info: The Online Encyclopedia on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Reference: Best of November 1996, Second Look: May 1999

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Anime and Manga
Creator: Tellu
General Info: An extensive information site. Also includes episode summaries which are intended to supplement Hitoshi Doi's and a manga scan gallery.
Reference: SMPCA1 (Nov. 1997): Finalist

Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium
Creator: Gina Maglio
General Info: A large, unique "tour themed" combo site
Reference: Best of May 2000, SMPCA4 (2000) Finalist, SMPCA5 (2001) Winner

Creator: Leia
General Info: A pretty site, with lots of stuff centering on the Dic English Version.
Reference: SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist, SMPCA5 (2001) Finalist

An Eternal Moonlight
Creator: Selenity
General Info: Containing General Info, Chracter Bios, Shrines, Multimedia, Fun, and some Services as well.
References: SMPCA4 (2000) Finalist

Manga Style!
Creator: Michelle
General Info: Manga Information and Pictures. Includes pics and notes from the art books, and Sailormoon Manga Clipart, HTML and graphics help, and more.
References: Best of November 1998, SMPCA3 (1999) Winner

The Moon Garden
Creator: Ilsevet
General Info: A nice combo information site, centering around manga version of SM.
Reference: Best of May 1999, SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist, SMPCA4 (2000) Finalist

Pretty Soldier Paradise
Creator: Sudish
General Info: A large and easy to navigate combo site. Includes info, fun, galleries, awards, and a newsletter
Reference: SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist
Creator: Keiichi
General Info: Combo Site with lots of information, presented in many very unique ways.
Reference: Best of May 1999, SMPCA3 (1999) Finalist

Sailormoon CyberCity
Creator: Rowena Wendy Lim
General Info: Manga Pictures, Site of the Month, Character Shrines and more
Reference: Best of August 1997, SMPCA2 (Nov. 1998): Finalist, Combo Category, Second Look: March 1999

Sailor Moon Online Paradise
Creator: Art Steiger
General Info: If you're looking for original, in-depth other SM sites don't cover, this is the place for you. Lots of great, original information, well set-up and researched. Many interesting facts, and links to Japanese cultural information.
Reference: SMPCA5 (2001): Finalist, Combo Category

Sailormoon and The Sailor Senshi
Creator: kotono
General Info: Combo page, with a bit of everything, mostly info.
Reference: Best of December 1997

The Sailor Senshi Page
Creator: Jackie Chiang
General Info: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Anime/Manga/Musicals Info, Info from SM around the world and downloadable graphics, music and fanfics.
Reference: Best of November 1996, SMPCA2 (Nov. 1998): Winner, Combo Category, Second Look: June 2000

Senshi Diaries
Creator: Diana Notacat
General Info: This combo has a bit of a twist to it. In stead of the usual character info, image gallery combinations, this one has articles, fanfics, website reviews, plus RPGs. On top of that it has three large shrines to Mercury, Pluto, and Michiru.
Reference: SMPCA5 (2001): Finalist, Combo Category

Silver Moonlight
Creators: The Raventeam
General Info: Combo Site, with extensive information, images, music, articles, fanfics, and a huge fanart gallery. German language version also available.
Reference: Best of December 1999, SMPCA4 (2000), Winner

The SM Zone
Creator: Apatt
General Info: 'Combo' page, very big, it has the works! Including the SM Toolbox webpage help center.
Reference: Best of February 1998, SMPCA2 (Nov. 1998): Finalist, Miscellaneous Category (For the SM Toolbox)

Usagi's Diary
Creator: Princess Erika
General Info: A ton of information, with image galleries, multimedia, fun items, fanfiction and opinion articles.
Reference: SMPCA5 (2001): Finalist, Combo Category

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