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  Second Look : March 1999

Sailormoon CyberCity
Creator: Rowena Wendy Lim
General Info: Manga Pictures, Site of the Month, Character Shrines and more
Originaly Reviewed: August 1997: Best of the Month (Review no longer available)
Other References: SMPCA2 (Nov. 1998): Finalist, Combo Category



Normally we will include the original reviews with the Second Look reviews. However, for the best pages before 1998, we did not save the original reviews. Therefore, any references made to how CyberCity looked when we first reviewed it will be from my own memory.

When we first reviewed CyberCity, we considered it to be one of the most original SM combo sites in existence. Somehow it's originality has survived and it still contains several sections we have yet to see on any other SM site.

The most original sections are in the "Moon Park" and "Moon Station" sections. "Moon Park's" biggest feature is the information on the evolution of the Sailormoon series. The section is aided by Naoko Takeuchi's prototype sketches, her original plans for the characters, plus series' own history. "Moon Station" centers on the power of each senshi's attacks. A lot of sites tell you basically who have the most powerful attacks, but none I have seen back this up with evidence from Japanese power rating charts like CyberCity does.

One of the most impressive things about CyberCity is Shrine Central. When we originally reviewed it, CyberCity only had character profiles. While these profiles were and still are original, they were not much longer than the average Combo site's profiles. Since then CyberCity has been slowly changing these profiles into larger character shrines to each character. Quite the undertaking considering some of these shrines are larger than some of the stand alone shrines we have seen. Some have even won awards all on their own. Each of the completed shrines have their own unique layouts, but at the same time have their info divided up in much the same way which makes it easier to go from one shrine to another and compare each character. The only thing I would like to see is links to the other shrines on CyberCity within the shrines. Like there used to be on the profiles. This is being really picky, but it would make the site even easier to get around.

So far, the shrines for the inner senshi have all been completed. The outer senshi, Chibimoon and Tuxedo still have the original profile pages in place, at least until they are possibly converted. The profiles show their age a little when compared to the beautiful and newer shrines, but as I said earlier, the profiles are still very original and also still provide quite a bit of information.

On top of all this, the site also contains a picture gallery with several artbook scans. CyberCity also contains a link of the month section with some quite impressive sites and a shopping section in "Moon Mall".

Overall the layouts of CyberCity load fairly quickly, and are very functional. They also look very beautiful, especially the new layout of the index page. Each section have their own unique layout characteristics, yet also have unifying qualities. All of this adds up to a site that is still worthy to be called one of the Best SM Pages on the Internet.

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