Major Milestones of the Last Few Years

March 1992
Sailormoon premieres in Japan.

August 1995
The english adaption "Sailor Moon" first premieres in North America.
1995 is also the year that many mark as a turning point for the Internet. The Internet becomes accessible to the general public and is popularized by the media and in pop culture. Modems become a standard option on computers. Sure it was only a 14.4, but at the time, that was all most people needed!

Spring 1996
Sailor Moon is cancelled in the United States due to poor ratings, mainly due to the poor, early morning time slots many stations gave it. This results in the creation of "Save our Sailors" (SOS), a quickly popular web site dedicated to bringing the show back and getting more episodes produced. Meanwhile, the show becomes one of the highest rated animated series in Canada. It also enjoys success in other countries, in other languages.

Summer 1996
In some long disappeared Internet chat room, four people frequently discuss how awful most Sailor Moon pages are. They steal, they have wrong information, and the layouts are unreadable. Eventually, one of them comes up with the idea of reviewing SM pages to not only help improve the situation, but to help others like them find good pages and avoid bad ones.

October 1996
"The Worst Sailor Moon Pages Ever" is finally released with the review of the first ever "Worst of the Month Site". We thought we would get flamed off the web within a few months, but to our suprise, 90% of people who write in by email love the idea.

November 1996
Only two weeks after the site opens, "The Runner-Ups", "The Best of the Month", and "Honorable Mention" review categories are added.
(The records of the first "Runner-Ups" were lost due to a wee screw up.)

December 1996
A page help section called, "How to Avoid Ending Up on Our Page" or "Our Guidelines" first appears.
VesVes # 1 is the first to come down with "the dreaded curse of VesVes", leaving after only 2 months due to real life commitments.

January 1997
Reported sightings of "The Scrolling Song", an early, pre-historic version of "The Loading Song".
(See Worst of the Month review for January 1997)

March 1997
Sailormoon ends in Japan with the showing of the 200th episode and the release of manga volume 18.
Site becomes only the second Sailormoon Page to be picked by Anipike as a "Pick of the Week"

June 1997
Around this time it is announced that Dic will be dubbing another 17 episodes for release in fall 1997, but will only be releasing them in Canada at first. The USA network also picks up the show in the United States. It does only slightly better in the ratings and is often preempted due to various specials and sports events.
The AQ is featured in a "Last Exit" article on Anipike. It becomes the first article to really cause a public stir over this site.

August 1997
The SM People's Choice Awards are started in order to celebrate the site's anniversary. It begins with only two categories, best and worst.
The SM-WPR idea takes off with others! We first become aware of two new review groups inspired by our site: Sailor Moon Best of the Web, and The M Squad's Good, Bad, and Ugly. A few months later, two more would join the pack, the Needleleaf Society and the Witches are Laughing.

October 1997
First Anniversary!
The whole site is given it's first major layout overhaul, which results in a lot of old junk being dropped and the start of several new sections. It included a reorganized "Our Guidelines" section, and the addition of "The Dead Moon Circus Shrine". The "Improved" banner program is also started to help encourage former "Worst" or "Runners-Up" sites to improve and seek help, rather than shut down.

December 1997
The Rantings and Ravings Section is added. While there had been at least three 'Rant-like' articles before, they were never organized into a separate section and were never archived.

March 1998
The First Special Feature Section is added, focusing on Shrine Pages.

May 1998
The whole site gets a second major overhaul, the most substantial one to date.
"The Lemures Files" guest article section makes its debut, plus the old "Best of the Month" Category, after months and months of never actually being used, is merged with the old "Honorable Mention" category. Together they form a new "Best of the Month" category. We were never able to choose one page over another to be the best each month. They were all too good!

June 1998
The overhaul continues with yet another reorganization of the "Our Guidelines" section. It more than triples in size, and is renamed "Page Tips".

August 1998
The second and vastly improved edition of the SM People's Choice Awards. The new version drops the worst category, and expands to include three categories for different types of SM sites.

October 1998
Second Anniversary!
Sailor Moon gets one more kick at the can in the United States. The Cartoon Network starts airing the show, which leads to it's best US ratings ever. This eventually leads to the 17 newer dubbed episodes finally being shown in the US.

February 1999
"Dead Moon Circus Shrine" is completely rebuilt, rewritten, and expanded.

March 1999
"The Second Look" Review Section is added to review previously reviewed pages to see how they have changed since we first looked at them. To go along with the new section, the review archives are reorganized with the addition of the "Recommended Sites Lists". The new lists are designed to make the archives easier to use, and to post all the pages we have ever approved of in one place. (Best Reviews, Special Feature Links, People's Choice Winners and Finalists)

Summer 1999
Information is leaked out on some anime DVD sites that Pioneer has acquired the rights to Dic's option to sub and dub the three Sailor Moon Movies. Pioneer eventually confirms the news.
In Japan, Kodansha announces the stories from the live-action musicals will be adapted and released in a new series of manga. The manga will be drawn in anime style, which means Naoko Takeuchi will not be returning to work on the series.

August 1999
Pioneer releases "special uncut sub-titled" versions of the three Sailor Moon movies. The dubs are due to be released early in the year 2000.

February 2000
Page Tips gets it's own address, as we push it a bit to become a site of it's own.

April 2000
Optimum Productions announces on it's website, it will soon be entering production to dub the SMS and SMSS seasons. Many think that DiC has come back for one more kick at the can, but soon, there is speculation DiC no longer has the rights to the future seasons. It is eventually confirmed that CWI, the North American division of Toei, will be responsible for dubbing the next two seasons.

June 2000
The English dubbed version of SMS starts on Cartoon Network. There is mixed reaction to the differences between DiC's and CWI's handling of the show. At first, many like CWI for keeping the original music, and less cuts to the video. Some prefered the DiC version simply because they felt the voice acting was better with the "original cast". Later, many came to dislike the CWI version due to many writing inconsitancies, and poor censoring. The jury is still out on which one really is better.

July 2000
The Dead Moon Shrine is completely rebuilt for a second time. Expanded, rewritten, and redesigned. New features include Lemures and Victims listings.

October 2000
We celebrate our 4th Anniversary with the end of SMPCA4.

November 2000
We join the staff of The Small Lady and The RPG Busters in creating The Help Desk. An interactive help forum where people can go to ask questions related to building sites.

May 2001
Things are kind of dull around the site, so to try and spice things up again, we begin developing new ideas for the future of the site. These ideas eventually become a long-term redevelopment to be launched during our 5th Anniversary.

October 2001
We celebrate our fifth Anniversary in a big way with the re-launch of the "New" Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever. New layouts, a ton of updates, and a slightly re-vamped review system.



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