Memorabilia and Screen Captures from the Past


When we started in 1996, tables were only just starting to become part of HTML. Tripod didn't even support them until December, so for the first three months, the page looked very, very simple. About the only thing we have left from that original layout is the banner shown above, which sat on the top of the index page, just like the slightly updated version in the 1997 layout below.



Wow! Tables! Image Backgrounds! This was actually our third layout, the second was basically the original layout reworked to take advantage of tables. The image background only lasted a few months, and we went back to an all black background again. The whole site revolved around the Purple and Yellow colours of the main page.



One of our favorite layouts. We actually liked it so much there were three different variations of this layout. The one above, a variation with coloured lines, instead of the coloured "lights" for the left navigation, and finally, a special version for our second anniversary. The subpages received their "theme colours" for the first time, and their layouts remained in place, with only slight changes, right up until October 2001.



This layout marked a big change. For the first time since we opened, our Introduction and Mission statement did not appear on our front page. A short lived layout that lasted only for a few months. It debuted with our third anniversary (Oct 1999) and was replaced by a new layout around Christmas. Needless to say we didn't like this one too much.



Without a doubt, this was the most practical of all our designs. That might be why it lasted longer than any other index layout to date (December 1999 to October 2001). Marked a bit of a return to the old layouts with the links all placed on the left.



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