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Welcome to "The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever."

How many times have you gone to a web page and just smacked your head at the stupidity? Or how many times have you waited 30 minutes for the thing to download... then found out it's just the same thing you saw before? Well, just about everyone has had something like that happen. Just about everyone has seen a stupid page and wanted to scream out to the public. Therefore, we welcome you to the original page that has the audacity to do what you've always wanted to do.

Why did we make this page?

Simple, for one reason only. We are sick and tired of useless pages on Sailormoon. Do you realize there are over 100,000 web pages that at least mention the show? Sadly, only a small number of those web pages are ever worth going to. We want to save you time by helping you avoid the bad sites, and show you to the good ones.

True, you may think some of the web pages we list as bad are good, or the good are bad, but that's your opinion. This is ours, take it or leave it.

Webpages are made to be informative, interesting, and entertaining. Bad pages confuse and frustrate the hundreds of new-to-anime-and-Sailormoon people who simply want to learn more about a show. Sailormoon pages have no standard on what's good or what's bad. We hope to raise people's standards and get people to think about what they do on webpages.

Please refer to our FAQ section for answers to many other questions we are often asked.

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