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Last updated October 2001

"Why did you make this page?"

For the answer to that one please check out the Introduction Page.

"How Do You Select Pages?"

Well, we use a complicated formula, a bit of trial and error, and wala! We have zee lists!
Seriously though, how it works is quite simple. Everytime we have a chance to do an update to the reviews, we take a group of nominations and go through them. The nominated site that we all agree on needs a lot of improvement gets a "Worst Review." Any pages that we feel still need a fair amount of improvement, but are not quite as bad as something we would call "The Worst," gets reviewed as a "Runner-up" to the Worst. The Recommended pages are selected in a similar way, but at least 3 of us have to agree that it is truly a great site before we will review it on the page. On occasion, one of us will run into a really bad page or a really good page on our own. When this happens, we throw them in with the rest of the nominations. However, this is not a "witch-hunt;" we don't actually go out to purposely hunt for bad pages. For info on what we think is a bad or good page, check out our Page Tips Area.

"Why do you sometimes make bad comments about the "Best Pages"?

Simple, no page is perfect. Therefore, we try to give every site tips that may help improve it. So if you see us making suggestions in a "Best Page" Review, we still think the site is very good, but we are trying to show the owner how they might make it even better.

"Do you email the pages you review?"

Yes, whenever possible we email everyone we review. The only time we don't is when we can't find an address on their page. We don't believe in doing anything behind anyone's back.

"Do offer help to the pages you review?"

Yes again. When we email pages to tell the owners they have been reviewed, we encourage them to contact us. We offer them any clarifications they may need or any help they may want. We inform owners who have been reviewed in the "Worst" or "Runner Up" categories that they can be marked as "improved" if they make positive changes to their site. We do this to encourage them to improve and learn, rather than taking their site down.

"Why won't you accept self-nominations?"

This is a choice we made a long time ago to cut down on the amount of nominations we received. However, after we looked at it more closely, it just made plain sense to us. In the case of Worst nominations, who would self nominate their own page for the Worst? Unless they were looking for attention or had some other motive in mind? As for the Best, well, let's put it this way. The worst judge of something you made is yourself. Therefore, we prefer to hear what someone else thinks of a site, someone who has a more open mind. This helps us a lot to pick which sites we review.

"What browsers, resolutions, modem speeds, and Operating Systems do you use to review pages?"

  • CereCere:
    Mainly Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 4, Netscape 6, 1024 X 768 resolution, 56.6 bps, and Windows 98
  • VesVes:
    Netscape 4.7 and IE 5, 800 x 600 resolution, 56.6 bps, and Windows 98
  • JunJun:
    Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 4, 800 X 600 resolution, 56.6 bps, and Windows 98
  • ParaPara:
    Internet Explorer 5.5, 1024 X 768 resolution, 56.6 bps, and Windows 98
"Who Are You Really?"

If we told you, then we would have to kill you!
But seriously, you can find out about our tastes in anime and how we feel about SM and SM pages on Our Profiles page.

"Do You Ever Visit Any Chat Rooms?"

Yes, of course we do, but we never tell anyone that we are associated with this page. Only the four of us and some of our former VesVes' know who we really are. So beware what you talk about, we may be watching. ^_-

"Do You Ever Visit Any Online Forums or sign Guestbooks?"

Once again, yes, we do, but we never will post in guestbooks or forums as an AQ member. Of course, the only exception to this rule is The Help Desk, which we co-own. So if you ever see someone signing a guestbook or a forum claiming to be one of us, don't believe them!

"You Should Make Your Own 'Regular' SM Pages."

Two of us do have our own SM pages, but because we are trying to keep our identities a secert we can't tell you where they are. However, we did put together a shrine site within this site. If you want to check that out: The Dead Moon Circus

"Boxers or Briefs?"

Um... how did this get in here? No comment. ^_^

"Why Don't You Provide Links to Bad Pages?"

This is a touchy one. We decided this for two reasons. One, to give the page owners some relief from being overrun with flames. Two, our page's secondary mission: we want you to save time by not going to these pages. We want you to avoid them. However, you can always copy the URL and paste it into the address bar.

"What Did You Use To Make This Page?"

The HTML was written using only ye olde Notepad and Homesite. The graphics were made or edited in Adobe Illustrator 9.0 and Photoshop 6.0.

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