Fanfiction Special


Here's a collection of shorter articles about fanfics that were originally submitted to our Lemure Files Guest Articles section:

  • Down the Beaten Path
    From November 25th, 1998. By: Saylor Sun. A few things new SM fanfiction writters should keep in mind when starting out.
  • Character Theft
    From August 8th, 1998. By: Sailor Chibi Earth. About fics that steal original chaaracters from other fics.
  • How to Create a Fan Senshi
    From August 6, 1999. By: Scarlett Duchess. The title says it all, how to Create a Fan Senshi for a fanfic, RPG, etc...
  • The Spirit of the Senshi & Other FanFic Notes
    From January 14, 2000. By: Xqmrp. Covers various topics about SM Fanfics. Including ideas, themes, originality, etc.
  • Fanfic Cliches, Peeves and Inhumanities
    From January 17, 2000. By: Athena. The title says it all! A list of some of the more popular Fanfic Cliches, plus some peeves, etc.
  • More Otaku Tips
    From April 25th, 2000. By: Scarlett. Lists both problems and tips for sites that feature fanfics, and fan-characters. Of course, it also offers up some tips for the fics.
  • Too Many Repetious Fics
    From January 24th, 2001. By: Millennium Guard. The title says it all, Guard believes the plots of fanfics are getting to repetitive.
  • Earth & Sun Aren't Unique?
    From July 25th, 2001. By: Sailor Kawaii/NekoCat. Ideas on how to make your fan-created senshi more original.
  • Stuck in a Fanfic That You Can't Get Out Of
    From August 14th, 2001. By: Kaiousei. Why you shouldn't use the same storylines, over and over.

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