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The Sailormoon People's Choice Awards (SMPCA) is a vote which is held once a year leading up to our anniversary in mid October. It's an opportunity for our visitors to pick sites which they think deserve recognition, by nominating and then voting on their favorite sites.

The vote has three phases: Phase one, the nomination phase, usually begins in August of each year, and marks a month long period to receive site to qualify for the final vote. Phase two, is when the operators of this site, The Amazoness Quartet, narrow down the over hundred nominations that are usually received each year, to four or five sites per category. They are narrowed down based on the same process used to determine the sites reviewed as Recommended Sites. Finally, phase three, is the final vote, where visitors vote on the finalists, to select a winner in each category.

The SMPCA's have evolved a little bit over the years. The original vote involved only two categories, Worst and Best. In the second edition, a decision was made to drop the "Worst" category and only include sites of good quality in the vote. Thus, three basic categories were setup, Combo, Shrine, and Miscellaneous. This basic setup has not changed since SMPCA2.

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