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  The most psycho of all Villains


CereCere, the webmaster for the AQ, is one of two active original members, and the keeper of all things having to do with a certain "loading song." Cere has over 6 years of experience with the Internet, and she has been website developer for 4 of those years. Her favorite anime/manga include Cowboy Bebop, Nadesico, Tenchi, Ranma, Evangelion, and, well, Sailormoon. When reviewing, she puts emphasis on content first and layout second. After all, what's the point of visiting a page if there's nothing to do? Sure, it might look pretty, but that only keeps you there for a few seconds, and you may never come back. What really gets to her is when somebody thinks they have the best page in the world. That should be left up to the people who visit the page. Everyone has their own opinion, right?

"You think your page is the best? Look around, someone will do it better..."


Many of the newer anime series have caught VesVes' eye including Gasaraki, Hand Maid May, and Trigun. She's also been keeping up with the DVD release of Sailor Moon S and wonders why they never put the "cool" side of the reversible covers as the display one. That reiterates that point that something that isn't flashy may have better qualities when explored further.

"Quality will shine even if a site isn't flashy. Eye candy can't make up for a lack in content."

JunJun JunJun

JunJun loves anime and manga in general, especially shoujo. Her favorite series include Sailormoon, Card Captor Sakura, and Kodomo no Omocha. JunJun hates webpages that plagiarize or steal content and make up information to fill in the large gaps in their 'knowledge.' It's really easy for any real fan to see what's made up and what's not, and you're bound to be found out sometime, so why make not make your life easier and only put what you know?

"If I had a quarter for every bad SM page I've seen, I'd be rich enough to buy Microsoft..."


PallaPalla is a girl who enjoys taking care of her mushroom garden and complaining about the lack of old anime on tv. She likes many anime and manga, and she is especially likely to enjoy shoujo. Some of her favorite series are Sailormoon, Card Captor Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Ranma, Tenchi, Kodomo no Omocha and a whole bunch of older series from her childhood. PallaPalla hates webpages that steal contents or multimedia, and she is not too keen on wrong information either. She also dislikes pages that try to hide their lack of content by dividing it up into many minuscule sections that only repeat each other anyway.

"If you like a page, link it, don't clone it."

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