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  September 1997

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  • It's a good page, if it weren't all stolen.
   Nominated by: "flamersrus"



Whoa, when did I walk into the Twilight Zone? This page is so much like "The Gateway" it's freaky! All she did was change a few things to protect her hide and suit the fact she dosen't have a fanfic. What's even more sick is the fact she's won all these awards! Ok, her page is good, BUT ITS NOT HERS! Hmmm, maybe she stole those awards too? Well she has one more award for her page now, one that she deserves.


Huh, well, I don't know what to say. Unlike my esteemed associate, ParaPara-san, I don't personally know the creator of the page which was stolen from. However, that doesn't matter. It doesn't take an idiot to figure out that someone has no life. Whoever gave that girl all her awards, is messed up. I'll admit, the webpage is VERY good, but that's mostly because every other sentence was stolen from another very good webpage. I bet those people who gave her awards didn't know that. Well, anyway, this page sucks. I hate uncreative people.


You know... I really hate plaguerizers. What's the deal with this? We've had about five pages that have plaguerized so far in our life span, can't people do something creative? Everything's directly stolen from the Gateway format wise... The little known facts were just cut and pasted; the index page was cut and pasted, with little bits of things minorly altered; the links page had the same exact intro; even the messages you get from the links were the same! What's up with that? It's a shame those award givers can't tell copied stuff when they see it, because they look like fools now... Oh yes, and the owner looks like the biggest one. The funniest thing was that she didn't even link back to the Gateway, obviously so she wouldn't be able to get caught... Ah well, we'll always find the losers, no matter what they do...


What in the name of Heaven IS THIS? This is an absolute rip-off on one of the Best Sailormoon pages out there. The Main page uses the exact same format as the ESMG, and barely renames the links. She uses an almost identical introduction and closing. The profiles are ripped off, almost everything is. The Useless Facts page is all directly lifted off the page of the same name in the ESMG. The links page is directly lifted also (the first two). At first I found it somewhat amusing, then I was just disgusted at it. She conviently doesn't put the dates that the .html files were uploaded, and all you need to do is ask for the document info to find that out. She also doesn't link back to the ESMG, probably because it'd be extremely obvious where she ripped her stuff from. This person also has absolutely no life, considering she also ripped off the Creator of ESMG's homepage and even her own personality and life. Although we usually showcase badly informed webpages, this is a perfect example of a somewhat sucessful webpage that doesn't deserve it.

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