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  October 1996

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Neptune's SailorMoon SuperS and SailorStars Homepage

Here's Why:

It was a tough decision kids, but an almost unanimous vote last night put this page way over the edge. The creator who goes by NeptuneSS blatantly stole information from another page, what we mean is..he took the source, copied it, then posted it giving the real author minimal credit. He then denied the accusations in IRC, but when he saw he was cornered, he tried to blame another webmaker for stealing his picures which he say are found no other place on the web. He then made this comment:
"Images are more important than information.."

When I was sent this information, it made me laugh. After viewing his web page, I can actually say it is pretty bad.

  • Takes WAY too long to load up
  • Copied/Wrong Information
  • His so called 'special' pictures are the same ones found anywhere else.
Positives About The Page:
  • Nice pictures, but pictures are useless when a person doesn't know anything about a show.

My advice is to go to that page only if you are in dire need. I myself have no respect for a liar and a copier. And also, since I'm very fond of writing..someone who says that pictures are more important than content. I'm sure many others disagree with that. Would you rather go to a page full of pictures everywhere else, wrong or copied info, that takes about a half hour to load up..or a page stocked with information that you need with a few high quality pictures?
As I mentioned, he attacked another webpage maker for stealing his pictures..but he had no proof. As for stealing information from another page, we saw he gave minimal credit to the original site..but he didn't get any permission.. and isn't that against Tripod Terms of Service?




This guy makes you think his page is special or something...seen it all before..


The NeptuneSS page has a lot of pretty pictures, sure..But Pics aren't all what Web pages are about. If the info is screwed, it's like a waste of time; just some dork with a scanner..


Hank Chen is an immature idiot. He tries to cover up his deceit with the dumbest rationalizing ever. When that doesn't work, he tries to hoist the blame on innocent others. He says that he's mature, and then he starts to scream and act like a two-year-old. He seems to have this idea that his page is the best on the Web, and that every pic on the Web that he has on his page was stolen from there.


I hate this page..You have no idea how much.. I saw his page when he stolen the information from the other pages. Its rather appalling really. He claims all his pictures are special and no other web pages have anything like it, I beg to differ. I see lots of pages that do. Either they steal them from him, or he steals them from them. Anyone who has a scanner can scan the trading cards he has and what not. I don't know...whatever. His page also is a total waste of time to try to access..he should make most of his pictures into links. Oh..and his stupid thing about how he is innocent and should be supported...that's such a freakin pile of b.s. Its disgusting..URGH!

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