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  November 1997

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The Sailor Moon Hideaway

Here's Why:

  • Accused of plagurizing not one, but two pages.
  • Long download, large pages, lots of scrolling.

Positives About The Page:

  • Info mainly correct, no mixing of Dic and Japanese.
   Nominated by: Chibikou and "name withheld"



Damn, stole not one page but two? Sheesh! The pages in question are the Uranus page and the manga page. They are very similar to two other pages, one being very similar to the "Sailor Senshi Page" Manga section. BE ORIGINAL! Added to that, I don't like the page's layout generally. The index page is a mess! Ten thousand ratings, rings and poll things! How I HATE webrings. Put them on another page. Also, reduce the size of the larger pics throughout the whole page. They are way too big, and take forever to load. Especially the SOS one, it's just for a link.


Um... You like crappy setups? This one's a sure winner. The character pages are TERRIBLE. The tables are all screwed up, all the pictures are full size and huge, displacing the text so that it's shoved up to the size. For a lot of characters, like Rei, both the manga and the anime info are exactly the same, cut and pasted for both, even if they don't apply. The info is oftentimes wrong, mixing dub info with original info with manga info, giving the senshi exact heights that they don't have, and you can tell from the blatant fact that his manga page is a total rip-off of the Sailor Senshi page's that he didn't even find the info or the attacks for himself. A notable example of the plaguerizing is in the manga vs anime things, if compared it with the Sailor Senshi pages, have sentences that are nearly perfectly copied, but this is apparent throughout his manga page. The pages are all long loading, huge text, too many graphics that are blatantly stolen, the spoiler info isn't spoiling *anything*, the storyline info mixes dub and original stuff, like his entire page, et cetera.

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