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  May 2001

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Sailor C's Sailor Moon Website

Here's Why:

  • Layouts stolen from Lycentia's and from Web Jewels (
  • Also once stole the layout from
  • Direct Links
  • Info mistakes

Positives About The Page:

  • Ummm...
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Hmmm, this looks familiar! It's pink! It's got a yellow Sailormoon on the left! Why it's one of the layouts Lycentia once made, I think the most common one in use as a matter of fact!
Hmmm, funny, I don't see any reference to Lycentia on the layout. Let's see, the disclaimer says: "We do claim rights to all HTML and edited graphics! You may not use them without permission from one of our owners." Funny, I thought that was supposed to read something like "Layout by Lycentia". Something stinks here, and no, it's not the week old fish leftovers in the fridge.
So let's click the lovely "Click Here To Enter", and see what else we find. Oooh a new layout, when I was here a few days ago, the main page layout was ripping off, but now I see they've found a whole new layout to rip off. It's not from a Sailormoon site, but I'm sure I've seen this layout in some general free-layouts graphic site somewhere. I would have to research it to tell exactly where it's from, but this thing really looks like something I've seen before, and it really looks like something that came from a free-graphics site. Now it would be okay if they gave the person(s) who actually made the layout a link and some credit, they could use the layout without any grief, but it's their continued claims that they created the layouts, and not someone else that's the problem here. They should give credit where credit is due, and not claim they created these lovely layouts. The thing that always gets me about sites like this is, they can edit the text, the links, and images in the layouts just enough to cover up someone else made it, but can't seem to make their own stuff. I mean to cover this up, they must at least know the basics of HTML, and the basics of image editing, but do they use these skills to make something on their own? NO! It's just being plain lazy. Don't give me, "I can't do HTML", it's obivous they know at least enough to get going on their own without ripping anyone off.
Well enough ranting on the layouts, lets get to the content. First off their news story about Toonami moving back to it's old time slot, I hate to say it, it's doubtful, and besides even if it does, Sailor Moon will still not be part of it. The info in the character shrines, is the same old stats, but I wonder why Mars and Mercury are called Ami/Ami-chan, and Rei/Rei-chan, while the other's don't have the -chan title. Also, I'm now being extremely picky, but in the English version it's spelt Amy and Raye, not Ami and Rei. Then there is the Neptune shrine which says "Neptune Planet Power Make Up - used to become Sailor Pluto", errrr yeah... okay. Honest mistake done by using the same template over and over and not watching what you are doing, but just the same, a quick re-read should have caught that. The Images page is underconstruction, "Information" is just a form so you can ask them a question about SM, and "News" is the answers to questions people have sent in. In Downloads, "Mp3s" are mp3s, without any direct-links, now that's a suprise, maybe there is some hope yet! Ooops, wait, the "Openings" are movies which are all ripped off from [zip] There goes that little bit of hope. The "Toonami" section contains even more clips ripped off from Toonami Arsenal. [crack!] [watches as Cere's fleeting hope is knocked out of the park!] Look at that sucker fly!
Additional: We have been informed by one of our visitors, the main page layout comes from, and is an interface called Beyond The Cosmic Pale. Thanks to Zupifufu for this info.


I see someone has been pretty quick to fix up a few things after Cere's review. If they are so willing to improve I'll try to go a bit easy on them, but there are still a lot of things that could be fixed up.
To start, the MP3 page has a bunch of broken links, those need to be checked out. They are all stored on the owner's idrive account, so either they are not there, or something in the code with the link is wrong.
As for information, like Cere said, proof-read everything. Some of the stats on Tuxedo Mask's page are incorrect, I don't remember him saying anywhere he wanted to be a scientist. Is there any need to say he throws roses over and over again in each and every season? Just say he throws roses, period. Are you also forgetting he has a cane that's used to defend himself from time to time? There's also some kind of odd overlapping thing happening on that page with the Attacks and Transformations title. Must be Homestead's screwy layers thing. Moving on, I don't remember the Starlights have light as their element of influence, or having favorite colors listed anywhere. Where did this information come from? Then there is the profile for Saturn, it's are okay, but she has attacks listed for the SuperS season. The problem with this is, of course, she doesn't appear during SuperS! When it comes to the Outer Senshi appearing in SuperS, only Uranus and Neptune appear briefly in a special episode, and also appear out of nowhere with Pluto in the SuperS movie. No Saturn anywhere. So why is there an attack listed for her? Not to mention one called, "Silence Block". I think you mean "Silence Wall", and that's not really an attack, it's a defensive shield.
One last thing, you might want to consider getting rid of those god-awful Comet Cursors.


AH, good. The layout of the splash page is now credited to Lycentia in the copyright disclaimer. The once direct-linked files now lead to, which is also credited. Just one thing though, since all those pics now lead to the same html page, it would be more efficient to simply have one link there, don't you think?
The direct link issue is resolved and that's nice. There are still content problems, however. The senshi shrines are hardly worth calling shrines: just stats (not all correct, at that) and attack phrases. Once again, for efficiency, you could remove the "transformation/attack phrases" sections for the seasons in which the caracters don't appear. I found the summary of the R movie is quite confusing, and not very accurate. Also, just when you think you clicked on the link for the japanese version of the movie (the one not marked as being the dub), you end up on the dub page anyway. Why is there two links, marked differently, to the exact same summary? It would also be better not to promise the info on the other two movies in the intro paragraph before they are available: it would be better to say they are coming soon, or eventually, or something like that. The same goes for the picture gallery. It's perfectly okay to not have all sections you plan on ever doing already done when you put the site up, but sections that do not exist yet don't really need to already be up.
Oh, and let's not forget the lovely Comet Cursor pop-up that keeps coming back... do your visitors a favor and get rid of Comet Cursors. If you really want to have junk following the cursor around, there are javascripts that can do it without forcing anyone to download anything or keep closing that annoying pop-up window.

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