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  July 1997

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Mandee's Sailor Scout Page

Here's Why:

  • Takes too long to load up
  • All the info is WRONG
  • It mixes NA info incorrectly with Japanese info
  • Character profiles are totally messed up

Positives About The Page:

  • A few nice images, but seen them all before
   Nominated by: Sawa



This page isn't too bad looking on the surface, but there's a lot of wrong info in here. It's kind of slow to load up, maybe cause it's a tripod page (which always seem slow lately), but also because of how large the page is due to the several pics that are used to link to the info on each character. As a suggestion, get an image map or something to cut down on the page's over all size. As for bad info, this page is mainly 'NA based' which is fine; however as it often happens when they try to talk about the outers, several mistakes are made.


This page absolutely stinks. I'm sorry to have to insult a 12-year-old, but please. She's obviously seen nothing but the North American version, and yet she deems it necessary to add in Japanese info that's wrong. She calls everyone 'scouts', mixes in Hotaru info any place she feels like, and she adds in new things. Neptune's name is not Micheru and she is not in love with Darien, Andrew, Mamoru, or Motoki; Hotaru does not kill herself; Haruka is not 18 while in high school, try 16 in S; and Pluto does not die after bringing Uranus and Neptune back to life after giving them their Talismans. And those are only a *few* of the thousands of mistakes on her page. Overall, *this* is a perfect example to support how mistaken info can totally mess up people.


I have no problems insulting a 12 year old, not because I'm a shameless insensitive bitch, mostly because if you're old enough to put up a webpage, you're old enough to assume the responsibility of not wrongly informing the public who went to your page for the reason to be informed. This page made Neptune out to be like guy crazy... Sure she's that, but we really know who she loves. I looked over the quiz too, and although I can't say what her answers are... Something tells me those are wrong also. Some questions were 'What is the evil Sailor Saturn's attack?' considering there was never really an evil Sailorsaturn... Nor was there a special 'Evil Sailorsaturn attack.' This page needs to clean up its mistakes.. It just makes more people think the wrong thing.

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