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  July 2001

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Prince Diamond's NegaMoon Zone HQ

Here's Why:

  • A wav with the sailors calling out their transformation phrases (in English) over and over and... Shoot me now! Please!
  • Direct links files
  • Long time to load
  • Overloaded with Javascript message boxes
  • Doesn't even fit a 1024 resolution
  • Could go on and on and on...

Positives About The Page:

  • The owner has some nice original ideas for interaction with visitors.
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Oh my.
This calls for something special.
[Goes "backstage", several noises follow, returns with a 120 piece orchestra, the 3 Tenors, all the artists who particpated in the singing of "We are the World" (at least the ones that don't have anything better to do), Celine Dion, The Rock, some guy that was just hanging out, and the Toy guitar... fewww]
Loading, loading, LOADINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm going to stick my neck out on this one... well wait, I'll be nice, I was going to say something about in 5 years... (you fill in the blank) but this page is, well,
It starts off with the Sailor Team, from the dub, each saying their transformation phrases, one after the other. Again, and again. Do you have any idea how annoying that is? I challenge the owner of this site to sit down, go to their page, and listen for a mere 20 seconds. Just 20 seconds. Now you might realize where I'm coming from, do us all a favor and dump the wav. Oh wait! Almost forgot something, this is a Maxpage, you can't store your own files. Sure enough! The wav is direct-linked from, there's another reason to dump it, it's stolen.
Continuing on, there's a javascript for the status bar, and there's javascripts to produce 3 message boxes which you have to go through to enter the site. I've visited a few Maxpages lately, and I hate to say it, I'm sure Maxpages encourages this practice, as many Maxpages have 3 to 5 Message boxes you have to go through to enter the page. Well Maxpages is wrong, you don't need any message boxes, it's just another annoying way to slow down a users visit. Remember more speed, and less clicks, that's what your visitors want. They've seen message boxes, they don't think they are cool. Then there's the text, I suggest sticking to one colour, and a smaller font size. Right now it's way to big, you have to scroll a long distance up and down on each page in this site, plus you have to scroll from side to side in 1024 resolution. Yes, horizontal scrolling, I thought I saw the last of it when I bought a 17" monitor a few years back, but this site brings back those bad memories. Horizontal scrolling is one of the biggest no-no's in webdesign, unless of course there's no vertical scrolling. The reason is simple, people get tired of having to move their mouse or cursor in all 4 directions just to read something. You have to make it easy for them to read.
There's also a lot of wasted space on the front page, one paragraph is repeated at the top and bottom. You only need to say it once, especially when it's highlighted in acid-green both times! Also, there are many subsections to various groups of characters linked on the left side, so why is there a list of all the Villains on the bottom of the front page? Isn't that information in the subpages? Get rid of that stuff and you all ready have a much shorter and much more manageable page.
The info in the subsections isn't terrible, but it does say on the top of the index the word "anime" which confuses me once I'm reading the info. I pictured all the info was going to focus on the anime, but a lot of the info uses bits from the manga story line, combined with the anime story line. One quick example, the Quartet do rebell and do destroy their magic balls in the anime, however they do not become senshi in the anime. This only happens in the manga, and in the manga, they get trapped in their balls after Zirconia turns on them. The balls do not disappear until they are freed and become senshi. Re-read the info section and clear those problems up.
As for the image galleries, well for the most part they are broken links, thanks to the various Anti-direct-linking scripts many hosts have put in place now. The few that do work are also stolen, or are from Maxpage's clipart collection. The funny thing is most of the image galleries are protected by an Anti-Right Click script, that says you must ask for permission to use the images. Oh how I love hypocrites. All the image galleries need to be gone through, the direct-links removed, or better yet, find a host that actually lets your store your own images, rather than having to mooch off other sites everytime you want one.
I have to say point blank here, this site is a total write off. It's full of mistakes, and stolen material, plus it's with a poor hosting service, Maxpages. My suggestion to the owner, find some nice new webspace by looking some up at, make a whole new site, fixing the mistakes in the info, improving the layout of the site, and getting rid of all the annoying features. Then simply post a notice on your old Maxpage you have moved on to somewhere nicer. If you build it, they will come. (Okay that was very cliche, but true!)


This is never a good sign: my browser crashed. Okay, let's try this again.
[hums the loading song]
[pays the royalties to Cere to avoid being smacked by the fisher price guitar]
Oh, an update. We're invited to visit the new PDNMZ. Well it's really the old one we are reviewing, but let's take a quick look anyway... okay, when the maxpage contract is up, the new geocities account will be fully set up and all files will be free to use. Well, the pictures on that new page are direct linked from 3 different geocities accounts... can't say it's a very good start. Let's go back to the old one shall we?
I think Cere, Jun and Palla covered it fairly well: this site does just about everything that a site should not do: it direct links, has too much javascript, has confusing information, and it's on maxpages. Need I say more? Didn't think so.
Just for fun, here's a random tidbit:
"Trista is one of Serena's (Usagi's) oldest friends (besides Darien/Mamoru and possibly Andrew/Motoki)."
And how about the sailor team, Naru-chan, and just about everyone else Usagi knows? She only meets with Pluto's civilian identity in S. Not quite one of her oldest friends...


Honestly, Iíve been dreading doing this review. Ever since I saw this site in the nominations, I really do not want to go back to it. Itís filled with annoying junk, slow to load, and last time, it killed my browser, twice. This is the type of site I would just leave as soon as I could get rid of all those annoying javascript message boxes, and regain control of my browser. The owner is missing the whole point here. Little javascripts may look cool, but they actually drive away more visitors than they attract. Page needs to be easy, quick, and attractive to visitors in order to keep them and encourage them to explore your site. Otherwise, they will just leave, like I want to do.
Well Iím in, and my browser actually managed to survive this time. Keep your fingers crossed! Ugh, the .wav file that Palla described is still there, and is still direct-linked. I wonít hang around the front page too long, and get right to the info. There are so many things wrong here. Not only mixing between the anime and manga, but stuff that is just plain wrong. Check out this gem:
ďQueen Beryl then gets very angry and hurls a gigantic crystal at Darien and Sailor Moon. By using his rose powers, Darien sends a rose straight for Beryl, striking her in the heart and breaking the crystal into little piecesÖ Metallia then possesses the body of Queen Beryl, making it possible for her to get rid of Princess Serena and take the Imperium Silver Crystal!.Ē
Err, when did Metallia get the crystal in the anime? When did she ever win?
Another thing Iíve noticed, nowhere on this site does the author mention if heís focusing on the original anime, the dub, or the manga. It doesnít help matters any when all of the info is sprinkled with dub terms here, original terms there, with a bit of manga story tossed in on the side. Itís confusing, itís not accurate, itís wrong! He claims to keep everything apart, nicely separated, and on some pages, this is a little bit true. He does mark certain things as coming from the original, the manga, or whatever. However, most of the sections, which he doesnít mark as coming from a certain version, itís filled with a mix of the different versions and stories.
So to sum up, with the layout and the text, this site adds up to one big jumbled mess. If you want to learn anything about the series, and do not want to suffer from a headache while reading, do not go to this site.


"My destiny is what I make it out to be, not what others want it to be." Swell. I don't know about you, but I would rather have a status bar than a fortune cookie when I visit a website. Besides, right now, my destiny is to have trouble with my mouse pointer and it WAS decided by others: namely, that stupid shock the monkey ad. Granted, the site's owner is not responsible for the ad, but it's just one more reason to avoid MaxPages.
Hmm. I was wondering when the scouts would start screaming their transformation phrases in my speakers. That wav is gone, but sadly, it was just replaced by a wav of Moon Revenge, which, while less annoying, takes even longer to load (especially since it's the whole song and the long version of it, to boot) and is STILL direct linked!!!
[fights with her mouse pointer, gives up and opens up Netscape sans javascript] Alrighty then, let's wait for this thing to load again. I can't help notice it takes even longer in Netscape. While we wait, here are some general advice: Dump the useless javascripts. We don't need the fortune cookie status bar, we don't need the pop-up quotes.
Dump Maxpages. We don't need the monkey, and you need a host that allows you to have your own files rather than having to direct link them. Dump the wav file. If you just MUST have music, don't direct link it and offer the visitors a way to shut it off. Reduce the size of your frontpage by about 90%. It shouldn't scroll horizontally, and you really don't need to have so much stuff on it.
I won't dwell on the info, it seems mostly correct for the dub, even though there are a few mistakes and some of it is rather confusing. The main problem with this page is the direct links and the extremely poor design.

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