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  January 1997

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Queen Serena's Sailor Moon Gallery

Here's Why:

  • 'Queen Serena' managed to overuse the H1 tag.
  • Overuse of the word 'scout'
  • She obviously is one of those people who don't give a damn about where her info comes from... as long as it's semi-correct.

Positives About The Page:

  • Nice background..nice pictures (even though everyone in the known universe has them.)
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Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling........... This girl seems bent on winning stuff to try to make her page seem better than it is. One advantage to this page...those of you with glasses or lenes wont need them when you go to this page!!! But with the large print and the the numerous rings with really large pics, PLUS the several awards she is trying to win, AND then throw in the fact this thing is on geocities and what you get one damn slow page. The sucky info that is there combined with the slow loading makes it good for the worst.


I am truely going insane. No one freakin gives a care what this girl does at three am on Satuday morning! She has all these stupid SOS, Web Ring, and Awards all over the place making loading time exceed what should be normal. Quite frankly, she's clinging way too much to dic sailor moon, and that's pretty disgusting if you ask me.


This page is really STUPID. First of all, no one gives a damn about any of the five million updates she made from September 1996! Can't we erase some of that? Then she has some high opinion of herself- she puts all her awards FIRST, and she gloats about it, when any normal person would put them last, if not on another page. Then, the size is too freaking big on every single one of her pages! She uses scouts too... And lastly, her pictures aren't even good or original, and some pages only have three pictures, then some stupid SOS advertisement in size H1!


EEW! I hate to say this, but this page is almost as bad as NeptuneSS's. They both have incredibly huge pictures all over the place. What's up with that message board thing? It gave every single detail of this girl's life, like anyone cares. How she won Sailor Moon Site of the Week is SOO beyond me. I couldn't find one good thing about her page, since there's no information. My eyes about exploded from all the wonderful H1 text... it's horrible. This page has GOT to be one of the most useless pages on the web.

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