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  January 2001

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Cat Box

Here's Why:

  • About 90% of the site's content, text, and images, come from
  • Direct Linking from other sites

Positives About The Page:

  • At least attempts to credit the real owner of the material; unfortunately, they did not have permission to use it.
   Nominated by: Sailor Saturngirl



Aw, yes! Today Chef CereCere is going to show you how you to can make a tossed web salad with hardly any effort! No sweat, no tears, no pain, no gain... errr... no problem!
Let's take an existing web site, copy and paste most of the information from it, copy most of the images from it, and while we're at it, let's direct link a few images! There that will spice it up! Okay, now toss it well with a layout from a free web layout site that someone else also made, and give it a new title! There! no fuss, no muss, just sit back and call it your own. Yes, it's a bad thing.
If you didn't figure it out yet, the above "recipe" describes Cat Box. Most of the text and images in Cat Box comes directly from "Krazy Kitty" (Best Oct. 1999). Compare the anime and manga info sections of both sites, and you will quickly see Cat Box just copies and pastes word for word from Krazy Kitty. Even the welcome message on the index page is partly copied!
Now there are some original sections, and you can quickly tell which are the original ones by the sudden difference in the layouts, not to mention the sudden loss of some writing skills. Now to the site owner's credit, there is an attempt to thank Krazy Kitty, but it's only a link button. The only way you know the site owner is crediting Krazy Kitty with it is through the image's alt property. Now, the alt says only some of the images were taken from that site. It says nothing about the information was also taken from there. If you are going to credit someone, credit them for everything, and then clearly mark it down. Don't hide it in an alt property, write in out below the link button or the text link and give them full credit where credit is due. Now in this case, crediting the site isn't quite enough, because the owner of Krazy Kitty even says on her site not to take info, etc. without permission. I contacted the owner of Krazy Kitty and sure enough, Cat Box did not have permission.
The only advice I have to give to Cat Box's owner is start back from scratch and come up with your own site. Trust me, you'll do a lot better in the long run. You'll get no where by copying off others, it makes you look bad, and it should make you feel bad. Just because this is the web doesn't mean the everyday morals of life don't apply. Just like you can't copy in school, you can't copy on the web and expect to get away with it.


Well, let's see. Starting off with the front page... Can we say "tacky"? First, the whole falling cats thing is just wrong, not to mention it looks bad. Second, one button at the bottom doesn't work, the so-called "my frind's grafic site^.^" Third, the picture with "cat box" in it is pretty lame and needs something more interesting to it. Heck, even a text title would be better.
It's probably just be, but for some reason I always have to hit "reload" on my browser for pages to stop giving me error messages about how they don't exist, or for graphics to fully load up. Anyway, I checked out the anime and manga profile pages. Actually, they aren't too bad, if if rather plain, other than they're word for word stolen from Krazy Kitty. Have I ever mentioned that plagiarism sucks? If I haven't, let me say it again. "Plagiarism sucks."
Onto the manga and anime image galleries. Big surprise, I must hit "reload".. "reload".. "reload.." There we go, all the pictures finally show up now. These pages aren't TOO horrible, though there are a lot of images piled up, since the site uses HTML Gears' image viewer... Hmm... Oh wait, I recognize some of these pictures. That's right, like all the information, most of the pictures are from Krazy Kitty. This site is just full of surprises.
Now I go to the "Win award's" section. Yeah, like I'd want an award from a site that entirely copies other sites. Even the plagiarism bit aside, who'd want an award from a site that can't spell or use proper grammar? Example: "Award#1: this award is for an ok site not perfict no more than 4 broken link's hast to have 10 pic's on the site must have 2 profill's on what ever anime you'r site's about an ok lay out every thing kan be all over you no what i mean Must sign the gest book **rateing: 8/10**" Yes, thank you for using periods.
Links. Wow, Krazy Kitty is NOT linked. Is this a shocker or what? At least there are no "awards" for this site. "fan stuff", "*Y i like Suzu Nyanko*" and "humor" aren't up, so that just means less stealing from Krazy Kitty. And provided this site isn't deleted for plagiarism, it'd be nice if "thank's" goes up, so you can thank Krazy Kitty for all the info and pics you stole from 'em. Those of you who fear that Cat Box might actually be linked by visitors, don't worry. The "Link Me" link doesn't work.


Ah, you have to love it when direct linkers get their due: broken images due to the images, or in this case, the whole site that was ripped off, being moved.
Too bad this only "breaks" the images, because it's not by far the only thing Cat Box has stolen straight from Krazy Kitty. The anime profile is copied and pasted directly; so is the manga profile.
As long as we're talking about stolen stuff, you will notice even the falling Luna's are direct linked. Also, in the anime image galleries (I tend to assume this is the case for the manga gallery as well), the pics are admittedly taken from everywhere, but no credit is given to anybody. The visitor is even invited to take them. I'm not sure I find this better than those sites that steal images and then insist the visitor not take them.
To top it all off, what little text is not stolen is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. This looks like a typical case of "I-want-a-webpage-but-I-want-to-be-done-building-it-within-the-hour" coupled with a total lack of respect for other peoples' work.

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